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Corporate Social Responsibility awards on the cards

Organisations have been requested to participate and support the first Botswana 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards, which will be held on the 6th of December 2012 at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) where 800 delegates are expected to attend.

The Botswana government and the nation at large are interested in poverty eradication and by working together, their dreams of vision 2016 are becoming active.

According to the promoters of the awards, a local CSR magazine, Witness, the Corporate Social Responsibility has always been there but it has increased a lot since the encouragement of the President and this is great because it shows that our culture of Botho and Volunteerism is still there.

“We see many organisations, both private and government introducing a department or sector that deal with this responsibility. Even individuals now have added it in their budget. All this is good and appreciated, that is why we as Witness magazine and other stakeholders saw it fit to encourage and acknowledge this good work by coming up with these awards, the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.”

The organisers said the objectives of the awards are: to promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as a holistic approach for development in Botswana, enhance the awareness for CSR and sustainable development within the Botswana business community and society and foster corporate transparency and to report on best practices and achievement.

The awards are also aimed at encouraging a healthy competition among enterprises towards continuous improvement of social and environmental performance and also show the link between sustainable business behavior and economic success.

The organisers say they will request companies to submit their 2011/2012 CSR activities . There will be five nominees in the following categories who will then be considered for the final on the 6th of December.

The nominees will be from government departments, bank/Financial Institutions, parastatals, Non Governmental Organisations, Network Service Providers/ Telecoms, schools, universities, mining Companies and retail business. Other categories are in banking/ Financial institutions, media, transport business, farmers, small businesses, manufacturing and individuals.

The nominated judges are Dr, Mothibi, Permanent Secretary and Head of Poverty Eradication Unit (Office of the President), Maria Machaelo-Ellis – BOCCIM CEO, Titus Makosha ÔÇô Deputy Secretary General Botswana Red Cross, Rachel Mushaike – Head of marketing (Standard Chartered), Moshango – Institute of Internal Auditors President, Uyapo Ndadi – BONELA Executive Director, Gorategang B. Mogotsi ÔÇô Guidance and Counselor (Nanogang Junior School) and Sara Williams TBWA/MEDCOM.


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