Thursday, September 28, 2023

Councilors slam WUC for negligence and poor service delivery

Some councilors in Francistown have expressed discontent over the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), blaming the organization for negligence and poor service delivery to customers.

During a full council meeting last week, the councilors took issue with the organization saying that it does not care about complaints or queries from customers.

“There is a problem with the Water Utilities Corporation because most people are complaining about its extraordinary charges on water bills,” said Monarch Councilor, Raoboy Mpuang.

He said that although WUC is engaged in a country wide campaign to sensitize clients on water usage, the organization is negligent on managing its resources as its water pipe leakages are never maintained or attended on time. Mpuang requested that the organization should be called to explain to councilors on their services.

“There is a certain woman in my ward who was recently slapped with a mysterious P27 000 bill by the corporation and she has since launched the complaint with me to help her after failed efforts to get help from WUC,” the councilor said.

The councilor for Donga location, Ben Mpotokwane, also attacked WUC, saying that the organization is failing customers as it always drags its feet whenever its services are needed. He said that there are plenty of leaking WUC pipes in the city, which are contributing to the damage of roads in the city.

“Water Utilities Corporation is always complaining about the wastage of water, but there are plenty of its leaking water pipes in the city, which are contributing to the damage of roads,” he said.


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