Friday, February 23, 2024

Cricket mourns Bhamjee

Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) has lost its longest serving member, Ebrahim Ahmed Bhamjee, who has been with the association since 2002.

According to BCA secretary general Sumod Damodar, his departure has broken their hearts, as the night before he was okay despite the loss of his two brothers. He said: “He has left us without a warning at least if he had gone sick, his works will not go to waste, we shall carry on from where he left.”

“Bhamjee was one of the first people who physically laid ground for BCA’s main ground grass, he was fully involved in working towards the establishment of the cricket ground,” opined Damodar.

Moreover, Damodar noted that Bhamjee was part of those who instituted the 2011 and 2013 women’s annual T20 tournament, which has called for other countries to show interest in it over the years. 

He said: “His duties included overseeing the board as well as the general state of cricket in the country. He fought for us to be an associate in 2003, and an affiliate of International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2005.”

Furthermore, Damodar noted that they are working tirelessly amidst waiting to host the women’s T20 world cup qualifiers. 

He said: “We do not want the tournament to have any shortfalls, we are working together to fulfill his wishes. If he was here, he would tell us to focus on the bigger picture, hencewhy the preparations are intact.”

“He would want us to host a tournament where visitors are feeling at home away from home,” opined Damodar. 

Meanwhile, vice chairperson based in Francistown Altaf Parekh is the acting chairperson. BCA’s annual general meeting (AGM) is said to be scheduled for April or May.


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