Friday, March 1, 2024

Curtains come down for Botswana’s O’Neal

To try and describe Big Brother Africa’s latest evictee, Botswana’s O’Neal, in simple words would not do justice to the house’s self proclaimed think tank. Describing him as a controversial character would be the understatement of the century.

O’Neal’s eviction follows a series of tumultuous events which even led to a social media war which brought his stay in the house to a halt after only garnering support from Botswana and neighbouring South Africa, primarily because, in his own words, “They did not like the way I express myself.”

Starting the show on low key, O’Neal took his time but was never short of words to describe the antics of his fellow chasemates during his daily diary sessions. He slowly blossomed a romantic alliance with the sparkly-eyed Tanzanian beauty, Feza, a couple the viewers had nicknamed Oneza (a merger of their names), with who he was up for eviction with.

Prior to his eviction, he had been nominated twice, he was saved and swapped by Ghanaian Chasemate, Selly, the first time and, the second time around, he survived eviction.

O’Neal’s opinionated and self righteous nature made him vulnerable to both the chasemates and viewers who had the final say in booting him out of the house. His housemates, when nominating him, gave reasons of him being subdued and constantly in the arms of his love interest and did not interact with other housemates.

The viewers, on the other hand, particularly those from West Africa, had been baying for his blood since his utterances about the formation of an alliance within the house to prevent Big Brother Africa from producing yet another ‘West African Winner”.

This plan suffered a huge blow as Tanzanian Nando was banished from the house for various misdemeanors and the eviction of Zambian funny man, Sulu, who were a part of the pact against West African dominance alongside South African Angelo and Ethiopian Bimp.

Botswana’s local radio personality was notorious for not mincing any words when he made his point, his 70-day stint in the Big Brother House kept social websites Facebook and Twitter abuzz by his honest yet controversial statements which earned him more enemies than supporters.

West Africans went out in a frenzy, putting him down at every opportunity, despite this Batswana and South Africans supporters were constantly, tirelessly defending him in these platforms till the bitter end.

What will become of his intense relationship with Feza remains a mystery and we will only find out in the next few weeks as the curtain will fall for the Big Brother Africa: The Chase.

Following a series of interviews all over Africa, Batswana will get an opportunity to welcome their boy back home in a few days.


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