Saturday, May 25, 2024

Dada pays health officials overtime money at vaccine centers

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has passed the overtime bill earned by government officials working at the covid-19 vaccine centers around Gaborone to businessman Satar Dada.

This was confirmed to Sunday Standard by Dada.

He said it is part of his assistance to the community.

He came in after government senior officials had said vaccine centers would be closed during the just passed holidays because Botswana government did not have money to pay overtime.

Dada has also provided one of his houses in Gaborone central to help assist mainly business people and the CEOs.

When Sunday Standard visited the centre on Tuesday morning there was a direct contrast with the situation at the other centers. There was order. And no congestion.

A number of former and current CEOs could be spotted.

A majority of people queuing were none indigenous.

At Dada’s vaccine center people are provided with food, seats and free wifi.


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