Monday, May 27, 2024

Darts association plays bull’s eye

During elections, the challenging parties usually come up with combined strategies to win affiliates to topple those in office. 

However, for Botswana Darts Association the candidates push their own agenda to be voted into the executive committee without creating allies. 

Therefore, the executive committee that will be ushered will use their term in office to create a roadmap as a team. 

This can often lead to slow progress because there is no accountability or direction for the committee that has just met with different concepts to carry forth the association.

Newly appointed Botswana Darts Association (BODA) Executive Committee (EXCO) has not drawn its roadmap to specify how the team will strategise to keep the association afloat in the new normal. 

This was revealed by the BODA secretary general Mothusi Moakofi during an interview on Friday. 

“The EXCO have not drafted anything because the members have just met. It has been three weeks since undertaking the positions in the association. Speaking on behalf of the committee, it is hard to meet in the new scene of restricted gatherings, the current form of communication that the EXCO has adopted is discussions through phone calls” Moakofi explained 

The newly elected was expected to get the show going immediately when they officially came into office, but due to hiccups in the sport industry about competitions and gathering it has delayed. 

The members are faced with a task to impress those who voted them in office and raise the morale of athletes under the virtual era.

Reached for interview BODA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Thato Maphorisa said that BODA EXCO has scheduled a virtual meeting to discuss the health of the association. 

He observed that amongst the point to discussed are the partnership with selected media companies, aligning of the BODA constitution as per the Botswana National Sport Commission guidelines.

“There was appeal on the treasurer ‘s position and elections committee ruled on the favour of the appealer. This will be our first meeting since the appointment. The EXCO is comprised of new members, so they were still waiting for the hand over from the previous committee members. Each individual ‘s plan from the campaign will be merged together to come up with an approach for 2021 to 2025.The virtual meeting will address each individual ‘s contribution towards the growth of BODA,” Maphorisa explained.

For his comment local sport analyst Jimmy George said “both campaigning as a team works as well as campaigning for elections as an individual. As a leader it is your role to make people believe in your strategy. Therefore, the main objective is whether the whole committee will be all hands-on deck when it comes to implementing the strategy. What matters is the person driving the plan.”


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