Friday, December 1, 2023

Football pundits shocked as BFA jilts Kowa

Football pundits have expressed shock at the Botswana Football Association (BFA)’s decision to declare a vacancy for the post of Technical Director currently occupied by “the best man for the job” who also happens to be an indisputable doyen of local football.

The Botswana football community could not believe their eyes when the BFA flighted an advert for a person to fill the Technical Director (TD) “vacancy” which is currently occupied by Matshidiso “Sexton” Kowa.

Botswana Football Coaches Association President, Nelson Olebile, who spoke in his personal capacity, said he was shocked that the BFA was looking for a Technical Director. “Why did the BFA give Matshidiso Kowa a one year contract?”Olebile asked rhetorically. He told Sunday Standard that Kowa was not given enough time to express himself. “Kowa is experienced and the best man for the job. The BFA underutilized him. We cannot expect him to have achieved much in a year. This disrupts continuity and it is the reason we are not progressing,” quipped Olebile.

He argues that for the TD to execute his mandate he must be given a six to eight year contract. He foresees the position becoming a revolving door where different candidates will only serve for a brief spell and then vacate office.

Football commentator, Jimmy George shares Olebile’s sentiments adding that the BFA needed a clear vision of what it wants. “The association needs to draw its plan for guidance on what type of people to hire to drive their vision” George said.

Olebile feels the advert has been tailor made specifically for a candidate already known to the BFA leadership. He is suspicious that the advert is only a smokescreen and that the BFA already have a person in mind.

George observed that “Bra Tshidi (Kowa) has the knowledge of and technical knowhow to fill the post of BFA TD. He has played amateur football up until the national team. He is the founder of Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Flamengo Desportos /Uniao Flamengo Desportos. He is the most experienced man to occupy the position of TD in Botswana.”

George further said “Bra Tshidi’s passion and dedication to the game is unquestionable. He knows the local game better than anyone I know. He knows its weaknesses, its strengths and what needs to be done to take it to the next level.”

George and Olebile share the view that the association does not seem to have a clear understanding of what the work of a TD entails. They argue that without a vision there will be continuous hiring and sacking of TDs who will bring little to the game before being spewed by the revolving door.

“The work of a TD is very involved. The TD is responsible for training coaches, developing youth teams and leagues, developing referees both female and male and designing courses that will empower them”, George said.

The two football authourities explained that when the BFA hired the late Ghanaian Ben Kofi as TD years ago, there was a clear vision of where they wanted the local football to go. Kofi trained coaches, referees and brought many courses that empowered them. He was also instrumental in youth development and the national team junior teams during his time were very active.

The position of BFA TD and that of the BFA CEO are considered hot seats. Both often attract controversy and the people who occupy the positions often leave the association unceremoniously. 


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