Sunday, June 23, 2024

Defiant ‘Samba’ faces the music as BFA closes down on him

A defiant Debswana First Division North (DFDN) chairman Mpenzeni Sambandawe says any suspensions over failures in financial reporting should start at the top echelons of the Botswana Football Association (BFA).

The DFDN chairman is facing suspension sponsored by BFA second Vice president Pelotshweu Motlogelwa over alleged flaws in league financial report.

Speaking in an interview, Sambandawe said if BFA want to start suspending people, Motlogelwa should be the first off the Lekidi glass doors as he had failed to present the association’s audited financial reports at the BFA assemblies in two years.

“If the audit has picked some flaws it is up to the BFA to use proper channels of communication with its structures so that they correct and adhere to proper corporate governance. It is an internal matter that should have never been discussed on public platform,” the DFDN chairman opined.

“What is Motlogelwa trying to achieve by communicating an internal matter in public? Are there any ulterior motives that he wants to do or achieve?” he wondered.

According Sambandawe the DFDN league was audited by an official sent to Francistown by Motlogelwa from Gaborone.  They have not seen the report only to read about the recommendations in the media platforms.

He said the league committee had expected to see the audit after it was completed, because if it was done in the spirit of correcting wrong doing it could have been given back to the league so that the league corrects and follows the recommendations to improve.

“The audit is done to evaluate on the internal process and come up with solid ways of doing things better,” he observed.

“We only saw in the media that we have been given deadlines to report back to something we don’t have or seen.  Why is Motlogelwa communicating with the media with internal things? If he has concerns he has to document them and furnish us with the concerns so that the league committee as a collective can respond to the outlined concerns,” he explained the procedure.

Sambandawe said as custodians of local football, they ought to respect one another and follow the laid down procedures or channels of communication. According to him if there are any procedures that have been recommended they will follow them and follow the set standards.

He said Motlogelwa could have done things better rather than putting internal matters in the media because it tarnishes the image of BFA and pushes sponsors away.

According to Sambandawe, while the league does not have offices where they can keep all the receipts or documents, they have however been trying their best to adhere to principles of accounting by safeguarding all the documents.

“For the past two consecutive years Motlogelwa has failed to give the BFA assembly financial report and we have never killed him and we have never recommended anything against him. If people are to be suspended or expelled from football it has to start with him,” observed Sambandawe.

“In 2017 during the AGM Motlogelwa asked to be given a month to prepare financials but the one month turned into a year. This year he failed again and he asked for extra time. We did not ask for him to be suspended or expelled. What is he trying to prove?” he asked rhetorically.

He observed that Motlogelwa is against him because at one point he had wanted him to vacate the position of sponsorship chairperson without giving valid reasons yet the memorandum of agreement between BFA and the sponsor says chairpersons should chair the sponsorship committee.


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