Friday, July 19, 2024

Diehard BDP councilor vows never to desert Khama

Gaborone Specially elected councilor, John “Mazabathi” Mkhandla, has vowed that he will never join the bandwagon of fellow councilors who are jumping ship from Botswana Democratic Party for the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy.

Mkhandla says the BDP has made him what he is.

Speaking in an interview with The Telegraph following resignations that have seen the BDP lose its majority status in the Gaborone City Council, Mkhandla said that he would be very unthankful if he were to bolt from the BDP for whatever reason.

“Few months ago, I was just a mere driver for the BDP, now I am an hounarable councilor of GCC, a thing I have never thought would ever happen to me even in my wildest dreams,” he stressed.
Asked why he thinks others are leaving for the newly formed BMD, Mkhandla said they are people who have no political direction and are likely to come back into the BDP before the general elections.
“I will not be surprised if they are all back in our fold before the coming elections. Just wait and see as things unfold,” he said.

On allegations leveled against his party that it is undemocratic, Mkhandla said that those saying such things about the party are those who do not have discipline, who want to do what they please and want to be above the party.

For example, he said that some of the councilors who have left the BDP for the BMD were councilors who were always working against the BDP and even voted with the opposition even after the party had caucused and agreed on issues.

“I think it is good that they have left as they were not part of us after all.”

On how he thinks his party will fair in the coming elections if the opposition parties will be successful in joining forces, the confident Mlhandla said,

“No doubt Domi will do what it has always done during elections and win with a landslide majority whether or not the opposition parties join forces as has already happened in the past several council by-elections around the country.”

Mkhandla also said that he even doubts if there will be such a thing as opposition parties working together.

“Just wait till the issue of who will lead the parties comes out; you will see the whole thing collapsing,” said the councilor who also doubles as a film actor and has appeared in several local movies.


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