Friday, July 19, 2024

Kwelagobe swears never to leave BDP

As the battle for the Tonota North intensifies, the National Chairman of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Daniel Kwelagobe, has once gain assured party members during the launch party candidate, Fidelis Molao, that he will never cross the floor to any other party as alleged by the rumour mill.

Kwelagobe, who is one of the powerhouses of the ruling party, used the weekend rally at Mathangwane to remind the BDP faithfull that he is one of the people who contributed to the formation of the BDP.

Rumours that he is about to leave the party are baseless and untrue, he said.
“Those who want to go can go but I will forever remain a loyal and proud member of the BDP,” he said.

He further assured the BDP members that Fidelis Molao is a true democrat who will never leave the party so they should ignore unfounded information and cast their votes for him with confidence.
Kwelagobe further told the well attended rally that he is himself a product of a proud historic era, and that there is no need for the BDP to be doubtful about his stay in the BDP.

“Ke modomkraga yo o nkodiboboa,” (I am a true and loyal member of BDP who will never set my foot in any other party), Kwelagobe said.

Kwelagobe applauded the contestants who lost in the primary election against Molao for not showing any bitterness.

He went on to say that the BDP members should remember that he joined the BDP in 1962 and became a minister in 1969, therefore it would not make sense for him to leave the party.

Molao also assured the BDP members that he will never leave their party for any other. He said that if elected, he will go and represent the needs of the electorate in parliament. He said he is not going to parliament to challenge President Ian Khama’s leadership.

“I am not going to parliament to challenge the constitution of the country like other opposition members but rather I am going there as a servant of my electorates. I intend to bring development to my constituency,” he maintained.

Molao, the former BDP Deputy Executive Secretary, won the primary elections against five contestants, Ipuseng Chikanda, Lewis Malikongwa, Maano Molomo, Onkabetse Daniel and Daniel Moeng last month.

Tonota North fell vacant following the death of Baledzi Gaolathe.
In the by-election Molao locks horns with Botswana Congress Party (BCP), Dr Habaudi Hubona on the 4th of September next month.


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