Thursday, July 2, 2020

DIS used Malcom X to spy on Nchindo

Fresh information has emerged suggesting that former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Director General, Isaac Kgosi used Bridgette Motsepe’s sidekick Malcolm X to spy on the late Debswana Managing Director Louis Nchindo. 

Weeks before his death, Louis Nchindo feared for his life, worried that the DIS was spying on him as part of a plan to bring him down.Nchindo told Sunday Standard that he had been tipped off by friends in the South African intelligence that DIS was conspiring with a certain local lawyer, a South African cabinet minister and his wife to bring him down.He also tried to rope in Sunday Standard and private attorney Dick Bayford to help expose the plot. Nchindo arranged that Sunday Standard and Bayford meet the South African intelligence operatives who claimed they had dossier linking DIS, their lawyer friend, the South African minister and his wife to the plot against Nchindo.Nchindo allegedly had secret video tapes which he used to blackmail the South African minister and his wife.

Sunday Standard investigations this week turned up a statement by President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ian Kirby made to the Botswana police Service last year suggesting that Malcolm X was spying om Nchindo for the DIS.Justice Kirby stated that former President, Lt Gen Ian Khama told him that he was informed by Malcolm X that Nchindo had ordered a hit on him and his son Boipuso Kirby. Kirby son died in a car accident on 5th June 2008 in what Malcolm X claimed was a hit.

According to the police report, a copy of which has been passed to the Sunday Standard, “ On the 21st February, 2019 in the afternoon, Hon Kirby received a call from Dr Khama who told him that he had met “ by chance” at Johannesburg a certain former employee of Louis Nchindo who informed him that “ Puso” died as a result of a hit which was masterminded by two Russians and that the hit was carried out by means of a small package of explosives placed in his vehicle.“

Hon. Kirby alleges that Dr Khama reminded him that he had sent Isaac Kgosi in 2010, to him to find out where the wreckage of the accident was, so that it could be examined. Kgosi had then in 2010 informed Hon. Justice Kirby that it (the vehicle) had been stripped for parts and was no longer available.“When asked who his informant was, Dr Khama said his informant was a certain Malcolm X. He did not disclose how and under what circumstances he had met Malcolm X.”

In his statement to the police, a copy of which has also been passed to the Sunday Standard, Justice Kirby stated that, “When I asked what sources Isaac Kgosi was referring to when he visited me in Lobatse two years after Puso’s death to try to track down his wrecked car, he ( Khama) said it might also have been Malcolm X.”According to Justice Kirby statement, Khama told him that Malcolm X revealed that, “he used to arrange visits to Louis in Kasane for prominent South Africans, whom Louis would film with concealed cameras in their hotel rooms to obtain damaging information for his future use.”

Justice Kirby through his secretary declined to comment of the statement saying the issue was still under investigation. Until the police statement by Justice Kirby, it was speculated that Malcom X sold out Nchindo to the DIS resulting in an acrimonious fight with the Nchindo family.Malcomn X then filed criminal charges with the Sandton Police Station in South Africa against Nicole Nchindo, Anthony Nchindo and Michele Nchindo for allegedly intimidating him.

Malcolm X claimed that Nchindo’s children badgered him with cellular phone text messages blaming him for their father’s death. In one of the text messages, Nchindo’s children are alleged to have warned Malcolm X against attending Nchindo’s memorial service. It is believed that Malcolm X and Isaac Kgosi have had a relationship since then.


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