Thursday, June 30, 2022

DK says he won’t contest for BDP chairmanship

Daniel Kwelagobe says it is time to make space for other democrats aspiring to become office bearers at the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).  

The incumbent chairman confirmed this week that for him that time is now. He will not seek re-election at the next year congress and says he will only take up ordinary membership and spend the twilight of his political career playing an advisory role.

Kwelagobe would not say if he intends to lend anyone support to contest for the chairmanship of the party next year.

“I can confirm that I will not be contesting for any office position but I will be available for ordinary membership,” Kwelagobe told The Telegraph this week.

At the height of factional wars and the alleged purging in the BDP leading to the Kanye Congress of 2009, which Kwelagobe’s faction won, DK had made it public that he would ask President Ian Khama to appoint a woman Vice President.

In the last few years Kwelagobe has not been the happiest man at the BDP. He has had his own frustrations with incumbent party President Ian Khama perhaps more than he has had with any party leader.

He is the only Member of Parliament in today’s parliament to have served as a minister in all of Botswana’s four Heads of State.

There are chances that Kwelagobe could be reappointed back top cabinet.

He was dropped after he chose the party over cabinet when President Khama declared that he would not allow people to serve in both capacities.


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