Monday, July 22, 2024

The Wine Bar Experience

A true wine bar prides itself with a stellar wine list and excellent ambience keeping a cozy and intimate vibe because legit wine connoisseurs are of a relaxed and mellow nature and thrive on good conversation, which can only be held in a calm atmosphere.

At first glance, amidst the busy and vibrant new mall Airport Junction, one might wonder if it is the appropriate location for the ‘Wine Bar’, which was opened five months ago to cater for the “Adult working class,” as the co-owner, Thapelo Pabalinga, put it. He was adamant that they do not, in any way, condone underage drinking at the establishment.

Located at the heart of The Airport junction, the Wine Bar offers the largest selection of top notch wines in the country from all over the world, boasting wines from Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and France.

“What we do is that we stock a little bit of everything,” says Pabalinga, adding that customers can also make requests for a particular wine, which they will order and serve.

In one word, one could say the Wine Bar is ‘sexy’; the retro furniture comprises of comfortable leather couches and a long, black wooden table with wooden stools in the centre. The red chandeliers dangling from the ceiling provide a dim and intimate feel and the wall is clad in modern abstract paintings, creating an appealing fusion to the eye.

Though there is a possibility that a majority of Batswana might still be more comfortable with the more conventional places with loud music, large crowds bordering on chaotic, Pabalinga is confident that Batswana have had the necessary exposure required to have acquired the taste and appreciation of the finer things in life.

Pabalinga, having seen an establishment of this nature whilst out of the country, decided to bring it home with him and is happy with its performance so far.

Alongside their exquisite selection of wines, the Wine Bar also stocks Champagne, Vodkas and high end whiskies since they appreciate that not everyone necessarily enjoys wine.

It’s warm and relaxed aura also makes it conducive venue for small events and launches and can only sit approximately 40 people at a time making it perfect for interactions and networking.

Although there is no food menu at the Wine Bar, customers can indulge in the wide selection of cheeses from the cheese platters available.

The waiters at the Wine Bar were trained to be experts in the wine industry and will be taken for further training in due course so that they can guide new comers and match the experience of seasoned connoisseurs there.


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