Saturday, July 2, 2022

Eleven things to do to feel good and be good!

1. Offer voluntary services once in a while to centers or foundations nearest to you. By helping the sick and vulnerable, you would be doing your part as one who has been blessed with what many others haven’t.
It’s also a rewarding feeling.

2. Donate clothes or a small amount of money to charity. Giving away stuff that you don’t need to those who need it is definitely better than throwing it away or keeping stuff you don’t need. You are helping someone who could have died from being in the cold without warm clothes. By giving money you are also helping someone who might not have had a decent meal ever since their parents died and left them stranded.
You are doing your part!

3. Travel to a foreign country by yourself. That way you are able to let the new experiences sink in fully; it’s also easier for you to interact with the locals and go to places that are of your interest.
It’s advisable to go through programmes such as social responsibility internships (SRI) though, because then it would be easier for you to get tour guides and viable advise from trusted sources.
You would also learn best about your new surroundings through
the NGOs that you would be interacting with.
Find out if your local NGO’s offer such services. We already have
a couple in Botswana that have connections worldwide.

4. Have lunch alone at a restaurant. Many women wouldn’t be caught dead eating out alone because they feel people judge them for dining out alone.
It’s really not that bad, and it doesn’t portray you as lonely and
pathetic but as independent and self assured. So just stop
worrying about what people think and do what you have to do.

5. For women, a sure winner is wearing pretty and comfortable lingerie; we don’t know what it is about sexy underwear that gets women in a frenzy, but they brighten up and it shows on the outside even though lingerie is barely visible.
So spend that money on that lingerie, honey, it will reap great

6. Bored with your style, take a dare and try something new. There are so many themes to try out your new look from. For guys, if your style is laid back casual but you feel bored with it, you should try playing around with different styles. Get your jeans and try on a golf shirt and college sweater or consult any local designer to help you create a look that would work well with your body. You will see the compliments coming! As for girls, there are so many looks one could try. The punkete, the formal pedicured lady, the school girl look, the African girl look, the Asian look (I actually tried the Indian girl look, I love it, just might keep it).
Seek help from fashion design students or local designers, you
will be surprised where the advise could get you.

7. Smile a lot, it really does not cost even a thebe!

8. Be nice to strangers (not overly so) for no particular reason. Say hello, give a helping hand when they might be in need of it, they could be the very same people who would be helping your relative should they get into trouble in the future!
It really doesn’t kill to be kind once in a while.

9. Check out pictures of hot boys on Facebook but ignore their friend requests!

10. Do check out Botswana’s less known tourist spots like Domboshaba and the likes; we do have historical sites that are worth a visit once in a while.
Research on the sites from the local museum or make enquiries
about Botswana. You don’t want to take a tour to Egypt to see
the pyramids and meet an Egyptian who actually knows
Botswana’s safaris more than you do!

11. Try to be optimistic about things and life in general; a pessimistic attitude is really irritating to those around you who have hope in life. It also doesn’t help you in any way. Every time a negative thought creeps up, try to tell yourself that it’s time you replaced it with a positive attitude. It is, after all, just a mentality, but it will hold you back! Being optimistic, on the other hand, will reap opposite benefits.


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