Monday, October 3, 2022

Good rains may also be harmful to crops

There are fears that the anticipated good yields for this year could be dashed in most of the southern African countries as heavy rains, floods and the outbreak of army worm impact negatively on crops.
The region which has received heavy rains which has resulted compared to last year’s ploughing season and it is feared that it could reverse farmers’ efforts to produce enough harvest. 
The outbreak of army worm in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia may cause harvests. 
Botswana Agriculture Marketing Board remain optimistic of a bumper harvest while the SADC Food, Agriculture and Natural  Resources Directorate argues that it is too early to predict that. 
SADC Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Directorate Acting Director Bentry Chaura 
Chaura is not disputing that the recent heavy rains could hamper the expected harvest. 
However, he was hopeful the harvest could surpass that of the past two years .
Chaura said the heavy rains may damage crops.  
Bentry indicated countries should come up with mitigation measures to combat effects of global climate change which remains a challenge in most of countries in southren Africa.
He said that countries can produce enough food if there are measures put in place to reduce disasters. 
BAMB spokesperson Kushatha Modiakgotla is optimistic that they are expecting a bumper harvest provided farmers manage their crops.
Modiakgotla stated that BAMB had engaed 350 farmers who are registered for contract farming.
“On the ground, progress seems to be fine. We do hope that there won’t be too much rainfall that will affect the crops yields,” added Modiakgotla.



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