Wednesday, February 21, 2024

ESKIMOS release new album

The young men who somersaulted into the music industry by literally kicking about their dance moves and screaming their lyrics are back with a more mature laid back sound, featuring quite a number of local artists.

Over the years, Kwaito group Eskimos have grown steadily and most of the songs in their latest album titled, Glory, convey real life messages about growing up, love life and family. The album is proof that they are no longer the little boys in canvas takkies and bucket hats. They now present a more mature look, sporting ties and jackets.

Before going into the actual contents, Eskimos need to be applauded for having 14 tracks on their new album which is a lot more than what local artists try to get away with in most cases. Their title track Glory, already making rounds on local radio stations, infuses their Kwaito beats with the popular gospel music throwing in words like ‘Chineke.’ MMP Family are also featured in the album on a track titled Dintsa Tsa Gwawa, which I foresee being a chart topper.

In true Rumba style, Bobirwa singer, Slizer is featured on a track titled Number one. The songstress really brings it home and her vocal abilities can be heard unmistakably. For anyone who grew up pre-millennium, they will understand the sentiment in the track titled Cecilia. On this track, featuring Jujuboy, they spread the message that they have grown up and it’s time to stay home, build a family and raise children.

The rest of the tracks combine Hip Hop, Kwassa House, a bit of dancehall and traditional music featuring Machesa, KBos, and Mosako.

At a listening session organised by Zen Promotion on Thursday, the industry’s Hip Hop veteran, Thato Scar Matlhabaphiri, stated that massive congratulations were in order for the group which has been united for the past year, citing that it showed a lot of hard work and dedication. Attendants of the session seemed to enjoy the beats of Cecilia which they repeatedly danced to through the evening.

This latest album by Eskimos is definitely worth looking out for at stores near you.


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