Friday, June 21, 2024

Excuses are just a cowardly way of opting out of what’s expected of you

I’m too old.

I am too young.

I’m too tired. I don’t have the time. I don’t feel motivated. I’d rather do nothing. I don’t have the money, equipment, space.

I can’t because I don’t have this and that….

These are the everyday excuses we give to our loved ones, parents, friends and even teachers, simply because we do not want to do what we were supposed to have done.

Though most people may claim they never give excuses, we all do and will always give excuses in our everyday lives.
All that excuses achieve is to postpone the inevitable, unless, of course, if we come right out and say we are not going to do what was expected of us.
In most cases, one thing we forget when giving excuses is that they only sound rational to the one saying them and not to the other person.

Imagine having ignored your alarm clock and you overslept when you were supposed to go and write an exam. So you miss your exam and when you get to school you tell the lecturer about all that happened before you got to school.
Obviously, the lecturer won’t listen to you because, to him, all that will be excuses for you not to have written the exam and not reasons why you missed the exam.

You would hear someone tell you how rich they want to be and what project they are working on that’s going to take them places, but they never make this come true. A month later, you ask them how far they are with the project, and they say tell you fibs.

They will be making up all these because they believe these are supporting reasons that make them feel it’s not their fault that they haven’t succeeded in their projects.

It’s simple, they did not succeed simply because they lacked commitment and without it, it is easy to make up excuses to justify the failure.
However, whatever situation you may be in, make excuses that will keep you going because for every excuse you make, you lose power to control the situation.

If you fail to achieve your goals, don’t give excuses; instead give empowering reasons that will keep you moving forward. Learn how to cope with obstacles. You must learn how to go over, under, around or through all the obstacles until you achieve your objectives.

Furthermore, you must accept full responsibility for your life as well as admit your failures and accept that you are not perfect, you may stumble during the way but with commitment you will rise again.

Most importantly, desire and be committed because these are the two most important keys to eliminate excuses. When you are truly committed to achieve something, you will never give up nor make any excuses. Just like a scholar geared at passing their Cambridge, you will be able to study very hard and never make any excuses not to study. Instead, you keep on empowering yourself on why you have to keep this habit going such as, “my sisters, cousins never failed their Cambridge, I can’t be the first”.

If the desire to succeed is strong enough within you, you will never make excuses like “I don’t have time”.


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