Saturday, March 2, 2024

Expo to empower local business women

Chief Executive officer of National Development Bank, Lorato Morapedi has said it is important to see the essence of the person inside the woman before recognising all other titles that society puts on her.

Speaking at the official opening of the 5th annual women’s expo on Tuesday, Morapedi said the forum and expo were meant to give Batswana women a chance to increase their knowledge on how to run their businesses.

“Exhibitions are about growing businesses and this week will definitely prove fruitful to your venture. The world has come to understand the challenges women face in business and this expo will give women a platform to eradicate poverty,” said Morapedi.

The expo also made women more mindful of how they spend their time every day. Women were advised to spend their days productively and not waste time on unproductive things like gossip.

“Take stock daily and know how much of your time you spend discussing things that are not going to build your character. Be careful of whether your thoughts are negative or positive because there in lies your happiness and inspiration which are vital to the progress of your business,” advised Morapedi.

She encouraged women to have a lot of light within and understand their purpose in life and to stop using misfortunes that befall women, like murder suicides, as excuses for not being productive.
“Be inspired to change as a woman because the change will be visible in your shops and homes. Businesses that are run from home should also be approached with the same kind of discipline and optimism because big things often come from the smallest beginnings,” said Morapedi.

In today’s ever so turbulent world it is very important for a woman to have a sufficient and consistent income. Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, Kelebogile Kgabi believes life is a bit tougher for womenfolk that it is for men. She said more women experience poverty today than men, on top of their daily challenges of having to be the best mothers and wives while they do a fair amount of bread winning.

“These roles are virtually impossible to fulfil without a sound source of income,” she said.
The theme for this year’s expo is “Women’s economic empowerment, prosperity and progress for all.”
Kgabi said the expo continues to make a difference in women’s lives as it gives Batswana business women much needed exposure and education. She said the forum gave women in business an opportunity to come together and create wealth for the country. She encouraged women to be united and reminded them that they are pillars of society.

“First of all you must be humble in the eyes of society. Humility is the element that opens doors to one’s learning and ability to pass the knowledge on,” she said.


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