Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Eyes, the fragile windows that need to be tendered

As most people say, the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Just like glass windows, they need to be cleaned and tendered with care to give genuine light to the soul.

How would the world be without the sense of sight? Imagining reality only in spirit and by touching objects would make the world a monotonous and boring place to live.

Most people would agree that it would not be as colourful at all but rather human beings would all be wandering in the dark of blindness. But if one looks at it from a deeper perspective, sight gives light to life, gives colour to life, helps human kind to see and process the pictures they see into information for decision making.

Eyes are the navigators of human kind in his daily journey of life but the most crucial part is that they need to be tendered, just like a garden that needs to be nurtured to produce healthy plants full of life. Ignoring the wellbeing of the eyes could attract a lifetime of regret.

A Francistown-based Optometrist, Dr Rejoice Mohamadi, said that it is of great importance that people test their eyes regularly or at least once every month. He pointed out that most of the people prefer to be reactive to eye problems rather than be proactive.

“Normally we do have a lot of people, especially the working class, who complain about the eye problems, which is normally due to too much exposure to light such as computers and even too much reading,” he said.

Dr Mohamadi divulged that there is a serious need to educate Batswana on the importance of taking tender care of their eyes, which he branded as a reflection of the soul.

He indicated that the eyes are very important organs of life as one can even tell if someone has a problem or if he does not have, just by looking at their eyes.

He mentioned that most of the time, you will find out that students fail in their classes, not necessarily because they are not smart but due to eye problems or vision impairment.
Dr Mohamadi went on to say that there is an urgent need to sensitize Batswana on making sure that they test their eyes and are informed on the importance of taking such an initiative.

“This can be done during different forums, especially by different organizations on their wellness programmes,” he said.

Michael Matshaba of Francistown who once had an eye problem also opened up and said that it all started when his eyes started itching and becoming teary. He added that he then immediately felt the need to consult with his optician and he was given medication with spectacles recommended.

“Right now, I don’t experience any problem as I no longer experience the discomfort I had in my eyes; my sight is crystal clear,” he said confidently.

However, experts and scientists maintain that there is need by individuals to eat nutritious diets and to go for regular eye checkups.


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