Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Family locks horns with police over death of young boy

Six months after the mysterious death of a six year old boy from Dutlwe village in the Kweneng district, the deceased’s father Karabo Tshekedi has openly accused the police of hiding vital information.

Tshekedi says police intention is to protect the alleged suspects who might be linked to his death.

On the other hand the police also accuse the family for declining to receive the post-mortem report.

Tshekedi told The Telegraph this week that he is not happy about the way in which the police are assisting him to find closure following the death of his son.

He said he has had to struggle to be assisted when trying to inquire about the case.

 He explained while it has been more than six months since the death of his son, the police has not provided the family with vital information surrounding the circumstances that led to the death of the deceased.

He said suspects are still at large. He openly maintains that his son was murdered for ritual purposes as some of his body parts were missing when he was rushed to the hospital.

He revealed that they gave the police a list of names of people  that were last seen with the deceased before his death but the police did nothing.

“What hurts me most is the fact that as the family we have provided them with leads instead they have ignored our suspicions without giving us any feedback,” he said.

“What price should we pay for the police to give us feedback,” he asked.

 He said he strongly believes that the police might be protecting someone who they do not know as the family.

Molepolole Officer Commanding Senior Superintendent Kevin Mookodi said he strongly differed with the grieving father.

“It is true that we received report about the incident. Police investigations were conducted and the post-mortem was conducted to establish what led to the death of the child,” he said. He stated that the investigations revealed that there was no foul play that might have led to the death of the deceased.

He however said he would not be in a position to discuss the results of the post-mortem in the media.

He stated he was shocked by the way in which Tshekedi conducted himself as he refused to be handed over the result of the post-mortem.

The deceased went missing last December and was found dead under a tree.  


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