Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Five perish in a road accident near Mochudi

Police in Mochudi are trying to piece together whatever evidence may be available which resulted in a horrific road accident that claimed five lives and critically injured two others. One person narrowly escaped death unhurt.

Traffic officer Assistant Superintendent Bashi Keitumele of Mochudi police station told this publication this week that five people aged between 30 and 45 died on the spot while three sustained serious injuries when two vehicles collided head on along the A1 road near Pilane over the weekend.

He said among the dead are three males and two females.

He said of the injured, two are still in critical condition and are hospitalised at Deborah Retief Hospital in Mochudi. Another one of the injured is at Princess Marina hospital in Gaborone.  

Keitumele said that investigations have just commenced to establish what might have caused the horrific accident.

“At this juncture I am not in a position to explain what might have happened. The investigations will reveal what might have caused the accident”.

He said of the two vehicles involved, one was carrying about six people while the other one had two people. Both drivers did not survive the accident. According to Keitumele they managed to identify only four of the deceased, of which two were Zimbabwean nationals whilst two others are locals. The fifth victim has not been identified yet.

“I am appealing to the members of the public to visit Princess Marina hospital mortuary to help in identifying the fifth deceased victim,” said Keitumele. He said the post-mortem for the deceased will be conducted sometime this week at Princess Marina.

The two vehicles that were involved in the accident are beyond repair. Keitumele also condemned people who take photographs at road accidents. 

“As the police we are very disappointed about  people who take pictures at accidents and put them on social media which eventually go viral.” He described it as barbaric and totally uncalled for. He also stated that they will do their best to trace the people who are responsible for posting such pictures on social media.


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