Thursday, July 7, 2022

Form one student excels in Form 3 exams

A form one student recently proved to Batswana that hard work and a determined mind can bring achievement of great things, if they are put to good use, when she took Form 3 exams without prior lessons and passed with a grade B.

Michelle Kinner, a 14-year-old Motswana girl is now awaiting registration at Livingstone Kolobeng for Form Four studies after writing the Form 3 exams as a private candidate.

Refusing to disclose the name of the school Michelle was attending to avoid cases of intentional badmouthing, Michelle’s mother, Gloria Kinner, revealed to the Sunday Standard her struggles with the school to let Michelle write the final examination after she alerted the management about her intention to help her daughter skip two grades.

According to her, the school was reluctant and being unreasonable to the point that she took a risk and choose to pull her daughter out of form 1 three weeks before the form 3 examinations.

Upon receiving her results, the family was ecstatic as could be expected, and went back to the school to ask them to enroll her in form 4 because she had passed her form 3 examinations to which she was told Michelle wouldn’t be accepted back because it was against the school’s policy for a student to skip two grades.

Luckily, schools like Livingstone Kolobeng were able to accept her.
In bringing her story to the public, the mother claims she wanted her daughter’s story to be an inspiration and motivation to some parents and students out there who just choose to sit back and let things happen without their input.

According to her, the three weeks before the exams were the most exhausting the family had ever gone through in their quest to help Michelle prepare for exams.

With no books or form 3 modules, the Kinner family used past exam papers to help Michelle study for the exams. To make matters worse, she had never even come across some of the subjects like religious education and agriculture as well as office procedures.

“Sometimes we slept at one in the morning and then we would be up by seven going through notes we downloaded from the internet, it was really tiring but worth the effort,” said Michelle.

Michelle’s father, who apparently works at the Ministry of Education, (although the mother refuses to say in which position) is said to have been a bit reluctant of┬áthe pressure that they would put on the young girl.
His reasons were that Michelle was still too young to be amongst senior high school students, that she wasn’t emotionally ready to be thrown amongst people who were not of her age.

“I understood my husband’s points but I felt that it would be my responsibility as a parent to emotionally prepare and advise my daughter about the life she would soon embrace. I felt like it would be a waste of time for my daughter to go through normal channels of education when she was obviously so bright,’ said Gloria.┬á


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