Friday, February 23, 2024

Francistown school of chess goes places

Francistown school of chess has started an initiative of producing newsletters for their academy. They had their first newsletter this past month in June and intend to release it every fortnight.

According to the school’s co-founder Jeremiah Dikgang, the main objective of having the newsletter is to create chess awareness across the country and beyond, to reach out to our growing community of customers, keep the chess community upto date with chess news and again get more young chess players engaged with fortnightly puzzles. 

He said: “these puzzles are open to anyone who is under 16 and if they send correct solution they win themselves 1 hour of free Chess Lessons by our senior trainer Thapelo Grivas Molefe.”

“It is clear chess awareness in Botswana is not yet satisfactory, people know it does help to develop thinking but can’t tell how. Our newsletter addresses that and hopefully we will see more people taking it up not only to compete but refining their thinking capacity,” added Dikgang.

He further added that business people should know it is important to engage in playing chess to assist them coming up with deep solutions. “Many business people tell you before any brainstorming Greta business ideas they play a game of Chess. Leaders, students, everyone should consider taking chess up. As Francistown School of Chess we are growing and the newsletter will help to keep contact with our customers and fans,” opined Dikgang.

“Francistown School of Chess has grown in to a big brand because of how do things, our achievements so far locally and internationally therefore the newsletter will keep us relevant and decimanite our information timely,” Dikgang added.

Moreover, he said that as an academy having dominated in chess development over the years it has been a challenge to reach out to kids acroos the country and now the newsletter has somehow come as a panacea. He said “As more people become aware of our existence and access our services we will be able to service a bigger community contributing significantly to the growth of the game of Chess.”

“In 2019 Francistown School of Chess contributed 50% of the youth players that that represented Botswana in Namibia for Africa Youth and we gad Musa Munyere coming with a bronze medal in the under 14 category,” Dikgang added.

He further added that in local tournaments we dominate podium finishes and majority of our kids are in Francistown. He said “therefore we would like to have a greater development influence across the country of which the newsletter is one of those platforms. We have a branch in Orapa, Gaborone, Kanye and Jwaneng. We are working on opening a Palapye branch but the Covid 19 situation is still proving a challenge. The success of this projects will be pinned on the newsletter and our online training platform.”

“As Francistown School of Chess we had a clear vision from the start that we want to be a center for chess excellence and our actions had to be in congruent with the vision. Any big project starts with a vision and then planing to achieve it while remaining open minded to bringing in new developments to achieve it,” he noted.

Moreover, he added: “My advice to other academies is that have a vision and ask yourself who am I supposed to be to achieve it. It is more about who you are than the vision itself therefore academy owners should invest more on their personal growth and competence. Developing a brand and keeping it attractive to people out there is hard work and they should be up to that task.”

Dikgang said: “We continue to grow and refine our operations daily and we hope to continue to impact and help out young people to realize even their wildest dreams. Thats what fulfill us as Francistown School of Chess.”


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