Thursday, April 18, 2024

Gaborone business couple murdered in South Africa

Bodies of Gaborone businessman Moses Modise and his wife were this week found buried in a shallow grave outside an abandoned house in Johannesburg suburbs in what is believed to be a gruesome double murder.

Modise, affectionately known as “Ouza” was the Managing Director of Modi Investments a Gaborone based Information Technology and Services Company. The couple was reported missing earlier last week before their bodies were allegedly discovered by South African police at a Johannesburg suburb where they were to meet a man who had shown interest in buying their Range Rover SUV.

By Friday mid-day Ouza’s Facebook page had turned into a weeping post for grieving friends who were struggling to come to terms with what unconfirmed reports have described in gory details as a gruesome double murder.

If there was anyone who captured the online pervading mood of shock and disbelief, it was one Leungo Wagoneka who posted: “Let us pray it is not true. Let us pray this is a big hoax. God No, Please No.”

A long time friend from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Gaborone Eliot Majova lamented : Ce n’est pas possible. Det ├ñr inte m├Âjligt which is Swedish for “It’s not possible! It is not possible!”

For the most parts, friends who took to his Facebook page to grieve seemed lost for words and could only manage an “Eish…” or “so sad.”

Modise went to school in Mater Spei Secondary School in Francistown before proceeding to the university of Botswana where he completed his Bachelor of Social sciences in Public administration in 1998. He then went on to word for government as a sports administrator before starting Modi Investments in 1999.

Modise, a successful businessman by any account had one foot in Botswana and another in South Africa where he is believed to have been pursing business opportunities.


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