Monday, November 29, 2021

Grumbling Kgafela allows ministers into Kgatleng

Government ministers will now be allowed to freely address Kgotla meeting within the Kgatleng district, Bakgatla paramount Chief Kgafela II has said.

Local Government minister Peter Siele and Lebonaamang Mokalake of Lands and Housing are scheduled to address Kgotla meetings in mochudi on the 28th of November. Despite an early ban, Kgafela has said the duo is now welcome. The two were heckled and booed out of Kgatleng a month ago. Some two weeks ago another meeting scheduled to be addressed by the pair was called off.

In a letter written to the district Commissioner last week, Kgafela says that their position is that until government speaks to the tribal leadership on many outstanding issues, government ministers are not allowed in Kgatleng.

He says that nevertheless since the current government is a forceful government, his people will not resist the force and government’s desire to impose itself on the people.

“We will allow your ministers to hold their meeting in Mochudi and we will help you to arrange for it as you wish, including calling the people.

Your ministers may then deliver what they have to say and hear what the people and myself have to say about their message. Thereafter they may continue to hold their meetings by force anywhere they wish,” reads Kgafela’s letter addressed to the Kgatleng district commissioner.

“Please let us know how we may assist you to arrange the Kgotla for the meeting because we presently occupy and use the kgotla as has been the case with our forefathers stretching back more than 100 years,” he adds.

In an interview with The Telegraph, minister Siele confirmed the scheduled meeting but said that he would not say much until he had met Bakgatla.

Commenting on the latest development, minister Mokalake said that allowing the political leadership to interact with the people could boost government’s consultation process at kgatleng.

“If we become civil it could help the community….we have to give Bakgatla a chance to be consulted on developmental matters that affect them,” he said.


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