Thursday, February 2, 2023

Guma Moyo advises Dithebe to challenge his premature BTO exit

The chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies and State Enterprises Guma Moyo on Wednesday advised the former Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) to seek advice from the Attorney General regarding the decision to have him sacked by Tourism Minister Tshekedi Khama. 

Moyo and his committee shockingly learnt at the parliamentary committee meeting that following Dithebe’s decision to quit his job by November 2016, Khama then decided to give Dithebe an untimely exit. It emerged that Tshekedi, his right-hand man, who is also deputy Permanent Secretary at Tourism Felix Monggae and another unnamed person at BTO secretly met and decided to send Dithebe home earlier than anticipated. 

Dithebe, who confirmed his sacking ahead of the remaining period on his three-month notice, said that he received a letter from the acting board chairperson Lawrence Khupe telling him that he had a remainder of five days as Chief Executive of BTO. Dithebe’s last day in office as Chief Executive was on Friday. 

Upon hearing what transpired, Moyo and his committee who had previously ordered Tshekedi to reverse some of the decisions he had taken in the absence of the board, pointed out that there is need for the Attorney General to intervene and clarify whether the decision to prematurely end Dithebe’s work notice cannot be reversed. 

“It was unlawful that a dysfunctional board could make such a decision, you should get the attorney general’s advise on what can be done in such circumstance”, said Moyo referring Dithebe to AG. 

According to Moyo, the decision to sack Dithebe is disruptive to its proceedings and rulings. The committee has over the past few weeks unearthed shocking information about the improper running of some government owned entities amongst them BTO. 

Meanwhile Tshekedi did not show up at the hearing as he had reportedly left for the Conference of Parties (COP17) in Morocco a day before the meeting. He is however expected to be subpoenaed to appear before the committee in the near future to answear for amongst other things, his failure to implement some of the recommendations by the parliamentary committee.


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