Thursday, August 13, 2020

Has capitalism failed?

Politicians invariably speak from both sides of their mouths. There’s an article published about 5 years ago in which ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa foreswears accepting IMF and World Bank loans. Why didn’t they get that money from the SARB? 

The ANC is mortgaging the country under the guise of fighting a virus that is part of the respiratory viruses and is not contagious according to many scientists. They have blown this Covid-19 out of proportion to achieve their nefarious global objectives. South Africans need to put a stop to this fake campaign and demonstrate that these guys are mendacious. Brazilian President rejected the exaggerated fight against this Covid-19. He said it is just like a common flu. Why does the ANC government deploy more soldiers since fighting the spread of a disease has nothing to do with soldiers?

Any medical practitioner or scientist worth his salt can confirm that soldiers don’t prevent the spread of diseases. Only those who advise Ramaphosa think otherwise. The unemployed Ramaphosa claims are going to get the meagre R350 per month are going to have to be given some form of identity. This is where Bill Gates, WHO and the Chinese government vaccinations come in followed by ID2020 and end up with microchips.  A few days ago I wrote in social media that one of the objectives of these proponents of the globalist agenda is to create a welfare state. The ink had hardly dried and the measures were announced yesterday by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Welfarism creates dependency.

Most of the people who are going to be on welfare are able-bodied people who can fend for themselves. Their jobs have been deliberately destroyed by using a fake pandemic in order to destroy their means of survival so that they should become dependent on the government. If they are Independent, the globalists’ plan of turning them into slaves will hit a snag. The unemployment situation and its attendant poverty is going to be exacerbated by the much vaunted Artificial Intelligence which is part of 5G technology. 5G technology is very dangerous, it can be weaponised and used for controlling people mentally and can also be used in crowd control.

This technology is going to render many forms of employment obsolete creating many unemployed workers. In the small minds of the psychopaths and idiots who are in charge of the world, if they have no use for people they turn them into slaves or kill them. That’s the logic of these guys. The soldiers and police who are used to enforce the draconian laws of these people shouldn’t think they are safe from what is going to befall everybody. They better wake up and smell the coffee. Why are global capitalists hellbent on turning the poor and unemployed into slaves who they think must carry the mark of the beast (Christians understand what the mark of the beast is that is why President Ramaphosa and the ANC government banned churches from congregating and holding of rallies by political parties and people in general)?

It’s because the capitalist system has failed worldwide and the poor and unemployed are going to eventually revolt. Now the globalists want to create a one world totalitarian government where everyone is going to be a slave to prevent or contain this revolution. There will be no elections – even if they are a fuss –  they better than nothing at all; there will be no freedom of anything; no accountability, transparency and consultation  the major pillars of democracy. Independent thinking and dissent will not be tolerated.The education system will be the pits. Look at how China oppresses its people. That’s how we are going to live in a world envisaged by Ramaphosa and the ANC and their global cabal of partners like China, Europe and the US unless we take action now. More than 60 years ago, PAC founding President Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe said white supremacy, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism must be destroyed. The global capitalist system has now hit a cul de sac.

Instead of these globalists imposing a one world dictatorial government on everybody, they should instead ask us for solutions. The most tragic thing about this imposition of a one world dictatorial government on Africans is that we have not achieved our goal of Pan Africanism and we are now being herded like cattle to this global government by Ramaphosa and the ANC. The same people who want to impose their will on us thwarted every move we took to establish African continental unity. But they could establish the European Union, United States of America, China and the Soviet Union without hindrance. Why has capitalism failed?

It’s unsustainable. You can’t have 1% of the people owning 99% of the world’s wealth and resources and 99% of the world’s people owning 1% of the world’s wealth and resources and expect things to be normal. These people who are planning to turn us into slaves don’t want to acknowledge that the problem isn’t population growth (except for China and Europe), the problem is too much wealth and resources in fewer and fewer hands.  So how can people who ruined the world want to rule us? What kind of world is it going to be which is run by people like these considering that we will have no voice under such an oppressive world government?


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