Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Have it while…

Dear Editor,

‘While you can.’ Or, as the poetic would utter, ‘seize the moment’. Here is a brand-new old world in which the smart don’t only optimize on opportunities encountered but capitalize on every opportune moment too.

Botswana is one land where people are very much thought to lack this. Great news is here now, a recent survey reveals the tables turn! Since the magnificent government there allowed pregnancy in public schools, young women have made sure they are big time beneficiaries. Something new in a land where laxity on the utilization of schemes gushed out by the tactful government of the day often lands on deaf ears.

Of course, where it’s due, credit must be given and the ministry in charge of educating deserves a pat on the back; schools are boasting of double storeys, double shifts and so the girls now perform and enjoy double tasks! It’s sure superb because at 1.7 million winning foreign investors also means the population has to double up. No one does have the exact figures of how many expectant mothers have just written their Forms 3 and 5 examinations, but the indication is that most schools relish a firm representation.

It’s either my friend is jealous or unnecessarily overcautious. Maybe even both. Lantsu seems to be concerned that (taking the boy students to be the partners) in 2008, the difference between a secondary school and a maternity hospital might not be so easy to tell. Nonsense Lantsu, so what? You need to wake up. Can’t you see the organization in office is observant and has plan ‘B’s? Erected at every school shall be maternity rooms, furnished and complete from beds and forceps. There is no need to worry about the already overstretched nursing sisters, school teachers are there. Just as they are coaches and councillors, parents and psychologists, why not midwives! Only some induction and, in those class and maternity rooms they shall deliver. As for now let the…continue.



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