Sunday, April 21, 2024

Here are the most ‘used’ emojis in Botswana 

Emojis have transcended mere symbols, evolving into a language utilized not only by Gen Zs and Millennials, but by individuals of all ages globally. Among the favorites for Botswana consumers are a select few.

Seriti Insights, a local fintech company, utilized its analytics solution,, to unveil the top emojis employed by consumers in Botswana across three key sectors: telecommunication, banking, and retail.

The comprehensive analysis conducted by Seriti Insights across two mainly used social media platforms in Botswana, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, spotlighted the top 15 emojis out of the 3,782 available, which summarized the essence of consumer sentiments. 

Ranked from number one to 15, these emojis include ‘face-concerned,’ ‘Red flag,’ and ‘crying face,’ frequently utilized by consumers in conversations to emphasize emotions.

“By scrutinizing the use of emojis in conversations, the study furnishes valuable insights into the most prevalent emotions expressed by Botswana consumers, such as frustration, satisfaction, concern, and more,” stated Kagiso Mpa, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Seriti Insights.

Mpa noted that emojis portraying negative emotions, such as the crying emoji, angry emoji, red flag, and ‘heartbreak,’ were frequently used, indicating the common expression of negative sentiments in these conversations.

Seriti Insights’s is tailored to discern consumer sentiments even when various native languages are employed.

“Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and applied machine learning, meticulously mines historical and real-time data to aid brands and companies in understanding consumer sentiments for insightful decision-making, irrespective of their language and linguistic style, which are ever-evolving,” remarked Nomsa Makgabenyana, Chief Executive at Seriti Insights, during the launch of in April 2022.

An award-winning company co-founded by Makgabenyana and Mpa in 2017, Seriti Insights is based in Botswana and renowned for its ability to develop world-class AI solutions from scratch, focusing on clients’ environments and business specifications.

Amidst the Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020, Seriti Insights participated in the Japan NINJA competition, facilitated by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, emerging as one of five startups (out of a total of 105 applications from Botswana start-ups) to win 30,000.00 USD to develop a prototype of a media listening tool capable of detecting misinformation surrounding COVID-19 shared by Batswana in their indigenous language as well as English across various social media platforms.

Founders of Seriti Insights conveyed to the audience at the launch that they envisioned beyond the Covid 19 pandemic and introduced 


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