Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Seriti Insights: A Botswana startup whose A.I helps companies to track consumer sentiments

The discussions around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing are heating up, and there’s good reason for this. Marketing is under great pressure to deliver more personalized targeted experiences ― and to do that at scale is just not possible using manual techniques. As it stands now, AI is the answer to personalization at scale, but it needs to be done well. For a Botswana startup – Seriti Insights this meant going as far as ensuring that its AI, dubbed Seipone is tailored to pick consumer sentiments even when some native languages are used. 

“Through the power of artificial intelligence and applied machine learning, seipone.ai carefully mines historical and real-time data to help brands and companies understand consumer sentiments for insightful decision-making, no matter their language and style in linguistics, which are always changing”, says Nomsa Makgabenyana – Chief Executive at Seriti Insights.

Seriti Insights is an award-winning company co-founded by Makgabenyana and its Chief Technical Officer – Kagiso Mpa some three years ago. The startup company which is based in Botswana is known for its ability to build world-class AI solutions from the ground up, focusing on client’s environment and business specifications.

In the midst of 2020’s lockdowns, Seriti Insights entered the Japan NINJA competition, facilitated by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and was 1 of 5 startups (out of a total 105 applications from Botswana start-ups) to win 30, 000.00 USD to build a prototype of a media listening tool that could detect misinformation around COVID-19 shared by Batswana in their indigenous language as well as English across various social media platforms.

Seriti Insights founders told an audience at the launch that they saw beyond the Covid 19 pandemic and launched Sepoine.ai.  In her demonstration of the tool, the CEO & Founder of Seriti Insights, Nomsa Makgabenyana, highlighted to the audience that for the first time ever, a digital media listening tool, is able to capture and understand the large volumes of consumer sentiments of Africans and sense the emotion behind posts about a particular product or service, delivering them to users of seipone.ai in a sleek and user-friendly dashboard.

Meanwhile Makgabenyana also told the audience, which included local Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations gurus that the company aims to penetrate the continental market with eyes set on East Africa. To supercharge its expansion ambition Seriti would need an estimated $350 000.


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