Friday, May 24, 2024

High profile homosexual case may open a can of worms

A case in which a Gaborone man intends to take a local radio station to court for airing a story in which he is alleged to have been caught having homosexual sex with state personalities and senior government officials is expected to open a can of worms.

Tshepang Mabaila has instructed Ndadi Lawfirm attorneys to file a letter of demand against the radio station insisting that story which links him to homosexual activities with high profile and public figures amounts to defamation. The lawyers state that it was alleged that Mabaila is in an intimate relationship with a senior male government official (male and names withheld) and he is fighting for his love and affection with another certain senior government official (male names withheld) official with an unnamed Jwaneng man. The lawyers state that the other innuendos in the statements uttered on air would be dealt with in due course.

They state that the utterances as portrayed on the statements made on air portray Mabaila as an irresponsible citizen who violates the law by engaging in sexual activities which are by law prohibited; an irresponsible and immoral citizen who engages in multiple concurrent with senior state personalities without using protection in this era. Mabaila also states that publication of the statements by the radio station portrays him as an immoral man who engages with one of the state personalities who is a married man. Mabaila states through his lawyers that he has been inundated with calls and messages from various persons expressing shock and revulsion. He added that this is a clear testament of the devastating impact of the defamatory words in the minds of right minded listeners.

“In the premises, our instructions are to demand as we hereby do, payment of the damages arising out of the publication as follows; damages in the sum of P150 000, defamatory damages in the sum of P500 000,” reads the letter from the lawyers in part. The story that is at the centre of the lawsuit by Mabaila arises from information that was posted on local radio stations’ Facebook pages by a group which calls itself Asparagus.

The group claimed to have hacked the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS) internal communication system and leaked names, identity documents numbers and place of operation of various DISS agents across the country. Sunday Standard was able to establish the authenticity of some of the names of the DISS agents names posted on the Facebook websites but could not establish whether Asparagus were hackers or some agents within the DISS.

Asparagus also claimed that it had secured control of the DISS network system and have downloaded everything on the networks. It further claimed to be in possession of pornographic pictures of male public figures in an uncompromised position that will soon be released on Facebook.

While it is an offence to disclose or publish names of intelligence officers under the Intelligence Act, the alleged hackers have since threatened to reveal secrets at the state house and within intelligence circles.


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