Sunday, June 16, 2024

Is Okaile the fall guy in BPL wars?

While Friday the 13th has always been considered an unlucky day in Western superstition, it may just be an unlucky day for acting Botswana Premier League (BPL) Chairman Rapula Okaile. After seeing some controversial decisions in his short tenure at the helm of the BPL board, the acting BPL Board Chairman will now face charges for ‘conduct which is prejudicial to the BFA reputation.’ However, as the BPL Chairman now takes the heat, many have ascertained that he is just a fall guy in the BPL wars.

Speaking after the BPL ruling that the Okaile had acted unilaterally in pronouncing the punishment to be meted to Township Rollers, one observer, who commented on condition of anonymity said the acting BPL Chairman had not acted alone. “We all know that there were at least three more people who helped the BPL Chairman write the said directive. It is a pity that he now has to face the music alone,” the observer proclaimed. The observation is shared  by a source close to the NEC who has alluded to the existence of a ‘small clique’ that was running the BPL Board.  “There is a small cartel of at least three individuals at the BPL who believe they are in control of the league. It is these same people who insisted with the BFA President Tebogo Sebego to protect the BPL Board Chairman Rapula Okaile when he issued a directive to the BPL Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kitso Kemoeng to deduct ten points from Rollers.

When the BFA President planned for a meeting with the BPL Chairman after he asked for protection following the ten points’ deduction furore, it was the same clique of three individuals who accompanied him. The quartet was allegedly calling on the BFA President to endorse the directive following threats to the BPL Board Chairman over the decision. It is widely believed it is the same three individuals, together with the Chairman who wrote the directive informing the BPL Acting CEO to deduct ten points from Rollers,” the source revealed at the time. It was however revealed at the time that when the Acting BPL Board chair and his three man entourage met with the BFA President, he refused to publicly endorse the directive but rather advised the Acting BPL Board chair to call a press briefing where he will stand in solidarity with him. Reached for comment last week, Okaile ascertained that he acted alone when making the decision. 


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