Monday, February 26, 2024

Is rotation of foreign coaches good for our football?

For years now similar faces of foreign coaches in Botswana have been rotating from one team to another. By the look of things, it seems the trend might continue for years to come.

For instance, coach Clever Hunda, who is now at relegated Notwane, has coached many teams in the Premier League and even in the lower divisions. He has had mixed fortunes and the major trophy he has won in the country was the Coca-Cola tournament when he was at Uniao Flamengo Santos three years ago.

Other coaches who are moving in circles include the likes of Mike Sithole, Stanley Mwaanga (now naturalized).

Sithole is the current coach of Township Rollers and has already been to teams like Gaborone United, Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Notwane. Other coaches that once went around are the likes of Paul Moyo and Ezekiel Mpofu. The question now is whether such kind of developments are good for the development of football in Botswana.

Sports analyst, Fobby Radippotsane told Sunday Standard that the trend is not benefitting football in Botswana at all and if it still continues the country will feel the pinch.

“To start with foreign coaches are results oriented and will do anything to get results. You will find that the results normally come at the expense of the development. Foreign coaches should be employed with much emphasis’ in the development. If you look around the world most top coaches have a hand in the development of teams they coach but not in this country,” he said.

Radipotsane said when local teams hire coaches they tend not to look at the reasons he left the previous teams. He stressed that what compounds the problem is the fact that local teams are disregarding their own coaches and rarely give them a chance.

“Even though we still need more qualified coaches our teams are not doing enough to empower them. Look at capable coaches we have around here but they are always second best to foreign coaches. For instance, we have Atshele Molapi at Ecco City Green, Innocent Morapedi at Mochudi Centre Chiefs. When those guys are given little opportunity, they excel but how long are they going to be in the shadows of foreigners,” he said.

Radipotsane added that to rectify the situation, there should be as many qualified coaches as possible.

Radipotsane’s words were echoed by Gaborone United’s caretaker coach, Philmon Makgwengwe. He said only a few foreign coaches are succeeding in Botswana but they still go around in circles around teams.

“As local coaches, we have a hand in this because we are not united and effective and foreigners will continue to go around teams. We should have as many qualified local coaches as possible, that way things would be fine. Our mother body, Botswana Football Association, should push more local coaches to enroll for courses,” he said.

Makgwengwe also added that local coaches should not wait to be pushed to go for courses but they should also keep on knocking at BFA doors looking for courses,” he said.


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