Friday, January 21, 2022

Jail bird ex-soldier escapes jail this time around

Jayson Ndeka [39] who was expelled from the Botswana Defence Force on allegations of rape in 1992 while serving as a blue beret in Somalia was this week caned at the customary court after he was found guilty of common nuisance.

Ndeka, who now works as a security guard in Gaborone, pleaded guilty to the charges of common nuisance and asked the Urban Customary Court President, Kgosi Dikwalo Monametsi, not to send him back to prison because he would lose his job.

State Prosecutor from the Urban Police Station, Constable Bakae, revealed that on 17th of June 2006, Ndeka was arrested at White City in Gaborone and charged with common nuisance after he insulted Emang Madikwe.

According to evidence brought before the Urban Customary Court, the accused insulted the complainant after she refused the proposal and he lost his temper and insulted her.

Kgosi Dikwalo Monametsi told the court that the accused is a well known criminal in his court and said he must give him a stiff punishment so that he could stop bullying other people.

Monametsi sentenced him to one year in jail wholly suspended for three years plus four strokes on bum.

The ex-soldier has been in and out of prison more than five times and has accumulated eight criminal convictions mostly for assault since leaving the army.

As part of his catalogue of previous convictions, on 5th June 2005, he was found guilty by the Urban Customary Court of assaulting Peter Stein after he appealed for help from him.

Stein felt aggrieved after a colleague had insulted his parents and asked Ndeka to help him and he was told by Ndeka that it served him right that his parents had been insulted.

When Stein objected, Ndeka insulted Stein’s parents again and started assaulting him with fists.

He was sentenced to one year in jail, wholly suspended for three years plus five strokes on the bum.

Again, on 23rd July 1992, he was arrested in Selibe Phikwe and charged with assault common.

He paid P60 admission of guilty fine.

In December 1993, Ndeka was arrested and charged with assault common again he was sentenced to three strokes on the bum by the Urban Customary Court and given a suspended sentence.

On 15th March 1995, in Lobatse, he was arrested for shop breaking and sentenced to two years in jail by the Lobatse Magistrate Court.

On 8th December 1995, while serving in jail, he was charged with unlawful woundingand sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Again on 13th November 1997, he was arrested at Tati Town for assault common and he was sentenced to a month in jail.

On 27th May 202 at Tati Siding he was arrested for assault common and he was fined P60.


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