Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Jamali flats breaches Police security

Botswana police officials have complained about a breach of their security because residents at Maruapula Goals town flats owned by property mogul Sayed Jamali can easily view any activity happening within the Special Support Group (SSG) base from the comfort of their flats. Botswana Police Service command is reported to be debating the issue; however no decision has been taken. The Botswana police Service are worried that the flats may be occupied by residents who may be posing a security threat.

“The issue here is that we as the BPS do not have any information about the people who are staying at the said flats and how those people can compromise the BPS security. Some of the people maybe working for our rivals and this give them access to everything that is happening at the base,” a source in the leadership of the BPS revealed. The BPS however finds itself in a difficult situation because Jamali was given permission to build the flats and allegedly followed the required procedure.

About Five apartments of five to six floors newly built flats are expected to be completed this year and will be available for accommodation. The source has also revealed that the government is likely to compromise and rent Jamali flats in the area for officers in the security organs as a way of ensuring security at the SSG. “When the property owner got the piece of land near the base, BPS was not consulted and BPS was not aware of the kind of buildings that was going to be built in the area. Had BPS been consulted it would have advised on the kind of building that can be constructed next to its base, now it’s too late, the structures are already up,” source said.

Botswana Police Service spokesperson Christopher Mbulawa refused to answer questions from the Sunday Standard saying, “we have received and analysed your questions but we do not think it is necessary to be discussing BPS security issues in public.” Contacted for a comment, Jamali said police had not approached him about the issue. He added that before they commenced construction of the flats, they consulted the SSG and they were given a go ahead to construct the flats.


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