Sunday, June 16, 2024

Security guards nabbed as police foil robbery

Police are investigating a possible inside job in the foiled robbery of CB Stores- investigating officers have revealed.

Five suspects: Skarkey Kebapope (26) Andrew Coller (35) Lebo Gaobotswang (41), Teko Kooteng (28) and Moses Setsoma (33) have appeared briefly before the Extension 2 magistrate court charged with a holding charge of burglary.

They have been remanded in police custody pending investigations and are expected to appear again before the end of the month. Two of the five suspects are security guards working for G4 Security. The sixth suspect is still at large.

“We strongly suspect that some staff members at CB Stores could have connived with the suspects,” said Gaborone Central police station Commander Superintendent, Kevin Mookodi.

CB Stores staff members are suspected to have informed the security guards, their partners in crime, that the store had not done its banking, therefore a substantial amount of money must still be stashed in the safe.

It is reported that some of the suspects organized explosives to blast the safe.

It is further said that on the 1st of September, the six suspects went near the store but the mission was aborted because of the movement of people.

Superintendent Kevin Mookodi told The Telegraph how they foiled the planned robbery that was targeted at CB Stores at Gaborone’s Main Mall.

He said the suspects then broke into the nearby Central Post Office and blasted the safe with explosives.

Mookodi expressed concern at the growing number of criminal activities involving explosives in his policing area.


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