Thursday, July 18, 2024

Japan praised for donating to Old Naledi Brigades

The government of Japan has been commended for being compassionate to the needy and the country’s commitment to continue towards development projects in other countries in spite of the ongoing global financial crisis which has engulfed both the developed and developing countries.

The Embassy of Japan contributed about 400, 000 equivalent, through its government’s program, “the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Security Project of Japan.

Speaking at the Naledi Development Trust just before the conclusion of a US$51, 999 Grant Contract between the Trust’s authorities on the one hand and the Ambassador of Japan, His Excellency Ryoichi Matsuyama on behalf of his government, the Chairman of the Board of the Trust, Raphael Sikwane, pointed out that the Japanese gesture is not only borne of compassion.

He expressed the view that he believes they envision a world on a technologically and economically different level from the one they see those that are still struggling to feed themselves.

“Looking at the level of development of Japan, the humility of the Japanese in spite of their wealth as well their technological advancement, we should find reasonable cause to celebrate their interest in the development of vocational education in our country,” stated Sikwane.

Sikwane highlighted the fact that society currently thrives under the free enterprise system which he said is knowledge driven, thus without the requisite skills, survival becomes a nightmare, while those who are informed about the system are on the forefront of opportunities.

“Against this background, the grant will help our youth to acquire more skills, and to that extent will be able to access job opportunities as well as enhance their chances of success in their desired business options after completion of their training,” posited the Board Chair.

This was the second donation made by the Japanese two months in a row in Botswana, and since the opening of their embassy in Botswana.

For his part, the Ambassador mentioned that his country has reiterated its commitment at the recent, Tokyo International Conference on African Development which was attended by more than 53 African countries and international organizations, that Japan would double its aid to African despite the worldwide economic challenges.

“In disbursing this donation, we acknowledge that the spirit of hard work is part of this society. I hope that Naledi Development Trust will continue to inspire other institutions to take responsibility for their own development,” concluded Matsuyama.


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