Friday, June 21, 2024

Old Naledi residents demand to pay for amenities by installments

Residents of Old Naledi have pleaded with the government to come to their rescue by staggering payments for amenities, like water, which have shot up drastically.

Old Naledi is currently undertaking tremendous infrastructural developments, including electrification and water connections.

Streets lights are already functional while reticulation system has also been completed. Both amenities, however, are too heavily priced for the menial workers that dominate the area and who are eager to connect the services to their respective plots.

“This water connection price, including the sewerage fees, are just too high for the residents most of whom work in Ipelegeng public scheme. We really cannot afford the prices,” said Sophie Tshimo on Wednesday at a Kgotla meeting officiated by Water Utilities officials.

Tshimo added: “We plead with you to consider introducing payments by installments as part of your services.”

Pegged at P1550 and P326 across the country, the standardized water connections and the sewerage system charges, respectively, are a headache to the residents who say they cannot afford to pay it all at once.

Except for government facilities, including Old Naledi Police Station and the officers’ camp, most of the plots in Ditakana ÔÇô as Old Naledi is commonly known – are without electricity and water pipes.

Pit latrines are at almost every homestead and residents say it can take months before they are emptied, despite persistent calls to relevant authorities.

As the Water Utilities intends to close down public stand-pipes in the area by the end of September, the residents fear for the worst.

Water Utilities official, Thabo Ndadi, said he would take their grievances to his superiors.
For his part, the area councilor, Oabile Mafunga, who organised the meeting, promised the audience he would continue to fight for their wellbeing.

Besides calling on the authorities to consider allowing residents to pay amenities in installments at a full council meeting this session, Mafunga assured the residents he would make a clarion call for the use of the services but paying in installments.


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