Monday, May 16, 2022

Kgosi Gaborone re-elected Chairman of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi

On the first session of the Ntlo ya Dikgosi on Monday 23rd November, Kgosi Puso Gaborone of Batlokwa was re-elected as Chairman of the Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, while Kgosi Lotlamoreng II of Barolong was elected Deputy Chairman, a position he snatched from Kgosi Ebineng Potsoeng.

In the first elections for the Chairman’s seat, Kgosi Lotlamoreng had contested with Puso Gaborone but lost to Gaborone after a twenty five to nine votes.

Lotlamoreng then took on Kgosi Ebineng Potsoeng of the Ngami region, this was after Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete and Kgosi Kealetile Moremi of Batawana declined their nominations. Lotlamoreng then claimed the Deputy Chairman’s seat, defeating the former Deputy, Potsoeng, by nineteen votes to fifteen.

Welcoming the members of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, Kgosi Gaborone congratulated those who had been newly elected, advising them that “your role comes with a lot of responsibility and your constituents expect a lot from you”.

He further urged them that they had started a five-year journey in which they have to work hand in hand.
“I appreciate the role you have bestowed upon me as the chairman. I will listen to every suggestion you give and I guarantee consultation in every process,” he said, adding that “I promise not to disappoint”.

Kgosi Lotlamoreng applauded those who elected him, promising that “as it is not my first time to hold this position and being the same with the chairman, we will work together at all time. We also need your support because with you we can manage”.

There are three women in Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, being Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete, Kgosi Keatile Moremi of Batawana and Kgosi Tsaxlae Xao. The number is a decrease from the previous season in which there were five women chiefs, being Kgosi Mosadi Seboko, Kgosi Mosojane of the North East who have been displaced by the youthful Thabo Masunga, Kgosi Moremi, Kgosi Sethani and Kgosi Xao of Grootlaagte.

Of the thirty five regions at Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, only thirty four are represented, with the Kgatleng region having no representation after some agreement between the Bakgatla paramount Chief and the government.

Bakgatla paramount chief, Kgosi Kgafela II, had shown that he would not sacrifice his job for Nto Ya Dikgosi. However, word filtering through is that he has since left his legal firm under his brother’s care, Kgosi Mmusi, but still he did not go to Ntlo Ya Dikgosi.


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