Sunday, March 3, 2024

Kgosi tastes freedom again

Former spy boss Isaac Kgosi was released from Maximum Security Prison on Monday.

This was after his lawyers were turned back on Sunday night after obtaining a release warrant.

Kgosi’s lawyers confirmed that the release warrant they obtained on Sunday night was ineffective because it was dated 2020 instead of year 2021.

Kgosi was on Friday arrested and sent to prison by security agents following a judgment which was delivered by High Court judge Motlhabi and an attempt by his lawyers to process the release warrant on Saturday was unsuccessful.

On Sunday afternoon, Kgosi’s lawyer challenged the decision by security agents to arrest his client following Motlhabi’s judgment.

The defence lawyer requested for clarity on an order which was used to remand Kgosi at maximum security prison.

The state on the other hand argued that the court judgment was clear as Kgosi was sent to jail as a result of an order which was issued under section 16(2) of the High Court Act.

When delivering judgment, Motlhabi distanced himself from the remand warrant but maintained his orders that the matter should be referred to a different presiding magistrate on Thursday 11th this week.

After the ruling Kgosi’s lawyer then applied for a release warrant which was tainted with some controversy because it was dated “year 2020 instead of 2021”.

Kgosi’s lawyers Thabiso Tafila and Unoda Mack were turned back on Sunday night when they tried to seek his release from custody.

Kgosi is out on bail and is expected to appear before a different magistrate on Thursday this week.


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