Sunday, March 3, 2024

Kgosi was too deft for Khama

Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Director General Isaac Kgosi used his office and a Zambian agent provocateur to quash a plan by President Ian Khama and his close circle of advisors to fire him, Sunday Standardinvestigations have revealed.

The DISS used Zambian agitator, Jerry Chitube in a black propaganda operation to discredit Collins Newman & Co Senior Partner, Parks Tafa, who at the time was Khama’s chief advisor and was believed to be leading the campaign that Kgosi should be fired.

A few days after Tafa was dispatched by the President to inform Kgosi to either resign or be fired, the DISS presented to Khama “an intelligence report compiled by an independent intelligence analyst titled “The plan to disband the BDP”,discrediting Tafa.

The alleged “independent” analyst was Chitube who was part of the DISS disinformation crusade against Tafa. In the report, Chitube insinuated that Tafa was trying to engineer Khama’s fall and to disband the BDP.

Chitube stated that no political party could bring down the BDP. “…it has to be done from within. The ingredients are simple; all that is needed is a lawyer with the President’s trust and an ambitious politician with the media in control plus a chairperson whose teeth have been loosened”.

Chitube suggested that Tafa had set in motion a plan to bring down the BDP by sabotaging the party primary elections. Chitube claimed in the report that Tafa deceived the President into thinking that all was well with the primary elections.

“On the other hand, he had us believing that the President has a wish list that needs to be satisfied with regards to who should make it to Parliament and who should not and subsequently satisfy his choice of Cabinet. To sell this, he needed to handle the BDP from top to bottom,” asserts Chitube.

Sunday Standard has not been able to establish what the President made of the report except that after Tafa reported back to him that Kgosi was refusing to step down, he did not fire the spy boss.

Just as Khama was expected to pull the trigger, he convened his inner circle and delivered a bombshell. “He effectively told us that he had decided not to sack Kgosi. We were dumbfounded,” said a source

Other details surrounding the plan by the BDP inner circle to fire Kgosi cannot be disclosed because they form part of the gag order by the Directorate on Corruption and economic Crime (DCEC) against the Sunday Standard.

The Attorney General confirmed in 2015 that the DCEC investigations against Kgosi had been completed and the docket forwarded to the DPP for assessment and possible prosecution. In a letter to Sunday Standard lawyers, Bayford and Associates, the Attorney General further disclosed that the DCEC had decided to withdraw their application in which they sought to interdict the Sunday Standardfrom publishing information contained in the docket. “We shall file our application for withdrawal in due course”, stated the letter signed by U.K. Mabophiwa from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The DPP, however, went back on the undertaking to withdraw the application to muzzle the Sunday Standard from writing about Kgosi’s case which is still to be argued in court. The Sunday Standard is thus barred from reporting on specific information surrounding the plan to fire Kgosi that forms part of the information in the DCEC docket.

Sunday Standard undertakes to disclose the details surround the plan to fire Kgosi once the gag order is lifted.


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