Friday, August 12, 2022

Kweneng District Council seek permission to out-source landfill

The Kweneng District Council is in discussion with central government to be given the green light to outsource the land fill that is situated in Garamodubu near Gaborone.

The council says it uses almost P500 000 every month to maintain the land fill and that is costly to them.

“Planning is underway to find ways on how the council can outsource the Gamodubu land fill, which is very expensive for the council to run efficiently,” Kweneng District Council Secretary, Wazah Tema, told The Sunday Standard.

The council has written to the Ministry of Local Government to be given the green light to outsource the project.

Tema explained that the council is spending too much money on maintaining the landfill but the returns are too little.

“In a month, the council spends over P400 000 to maintain the landfill, which I believe everybody will agree with me that the money is too much, especially in our council,” Tema said.

He added that there are serious problem that the council is facing at the landfill.

Tema said the soil at the landfill is very soft and becomes dusty, therefore, the soil has to be watered frequently to reduce the dust.

He pointed out that one of the major problems that they resolved is of bad smell that was coming from the landfill but that the council managed to source a particular perfume that killed the smell, which he said is a great achievement to the council as well as the residents of Garamodubu.
He said even though they spend too much money, the painful part is the fact that their customers are not paying the little “thebes” that they are required to pop out.

“It is very disappointing that our customers owe us huge amounts of money that I cannot yet divulge and they are not showing us any signs that they will pays us our dues soon,” he said.

Tema said his council does not have enough capacity to run such a very expensive project but added that the council is optimistic that it will be granted the permission to outsource the project and that will reduce the expenditure of the council.

Kweneng Council chairperson, Motlhophi Leo, shared the same sentiments with Tema.
He said if it was possible, the ministry could have given them the go head as of yesterday because the council is losing large amounts of money.

“The council cannot even dream to close down the landfill even though we are losing,” he said
Leo said that one thing that worries him is the fees, which are very low ÔÇô too low to maintain their machinery.


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