Monday, July 4, 2022

Ladies, what’s with the heavy make-up?

A lot of Batswana women at work places, schools, parties, restaurants and shopping malls, including younger girls, apply makeup as a way to compliment their beauty.

You obviously don’t notice the makeup on some women. You may be surprised to learn that all makeup is not the same, because almost all women wear it to a point where it seems all natural.

Beauty makes up the overall character of a person. However, make up is used by most women to satisfy their insecurities regarding their ever doubtful thoughts about their overall beauty.
Women try to fit in with the ever changing trends in society by satisfying their beauty insecurities with makeup.

Natural beauty is a balance of harmony and nature and it builds up confidence into satisfying the needs of attraction and well being.

Women who use make up want to satisfy these needs in order to have experience of overall meaning or satisfaction. Make up is intended to make one feel glamorous, younger, elegant, feminine and stylish, all of which are associated with being beautiful.

Makeup is basically chemical products, which are applied particularly on the face. These facial products include big brands like Ponds, Clinique, Nivea, just to mention a few.

They are applied with the intention of giving the face a velvety and supernatural finish. Women apply make up with an illuminating foundation of baby powder on the cheeks that gives their faces a beautiful spooky glow.

For sultry eyes, they use dark eye shadow along the eyelash line. From there they add false lashes for that extra allure. On the cheeks, they then add a touch of bronzer and go for a shade of red on the lips. To emphasize on the lips, they use bright red colours.

Some women can take up to several hours applying their makeup whereas some can take less than five minutes to do it. It’s of apparent fact that you don’t necessarily have to have bathed beforehand to apply the makeup. However, makeup is applied facially before leaving the house and it’s also maintained during intervals like during coffee breaks and lunch hours.
Most women, who regularly use makeup, make it a point that they remove it before going to bed as prolonged use may lead to an unhealthy skin.

Motsei Tshite, an unemployed professional makeup artist at Bontleng, says makeup is used just a little bit to enhance the facial appearance. She says there are people who use makeup properly whereas some apply a little bit too much.

“If you go out to night clubs then you will see some girls with unnecessarily heavy makeup,” she said. “Recommendably, spoiling yourself with a professional makeup at a health and beauty spa will make you feel and look fantastic.”

Tshite says there are many challenging obstacles in Botswana that contribute to the ruining of women’s makeup.

Firstly, we live in a very hot country, so one can imagine how horrific some women look during the summer. Although it doesn’t rain that much this side of the world, waterproof make up is very rare and expensive so water also damages Batswana women’s facial makeup. Winter weather can also wreck the facial skin, especially the nose.

Kabo Phoi, a university graduate, says to him make up is one of the biggest turn offs. He says there are country girls all over who just wear makeup because they come from the rural areas and they think it’s cool. “The women who know how to wear makeup are those educated women and it looks good on them. Sophisticated ladies, who apply the proper, expensive makeup, smell of strong perfume,” he said. “They have good jobs, drive nice cars and wear power suits because they can afford it.”

Some women want younger looking eyes and some will want thick curly eyelashes. Makeup is meant to unleash the inner temptress in women. It brings a sensuous touch by getting rid of those unsightly dark marks on women’s cheeks. Your face stays with you forever; ladies mustn’t be blamed for giving their faces the extra care they deserve.


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