Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Being a woman

Beyond any doubt, both the male and female species have advantages in life but being a woman gives you more advantages than a man.

You see, first and foremost, a woman can get pregnant which means she is blessed with an opportunity to be a mother. She gives and brings forth a new life into this world (yes, with the help of a man).

Secondly, a woman is more beautiful than a man.

She has an opportunity to experiment with her appearance and make it perfect. It’s a good thing that we have modern science because it takes care of us and protects our beauty. That is why the opinion that there are no ugly women stands. There are only untended ones.

Moreover, a woman is gifted to express her emotions freely. We can cry if made fun of. We can be emotional and blame it on that time of the month. Because women can release their stress and negative energy, they suffer less from cardiovascular diseases and, in turn, get to live longer.
Men, on the other hand, find it hard to express their emotions because of existing stereotypes and complexes. That is why men die earlier and we get to cash in on their life insurance.

Women also have an indisputable privilege over a man. The sixth sense. Along with the usual five senses, a woman has the sixth sense. It cannot be called intuition because men often have that too. It’s the sense a woman has when her brother brings a new girlfriend home. The sister just has that instinct within her to see through the other woman. A woman can read the eyes of the person she is talking to and interpret body language and voice projection when somebody is trying to conceal something.

You see, being a woman accords us those many advantages. We can fully assess a person just by looking at their shoes. The shoes are a representation of a person’s personality to a great amount of degree.

Still on appearance, women have the upper hand in maintaining beauty stands because if we have a zit, we know how to conceal it, with the aid of makeup of course. With that zit concealed, it means you stand a better chance of getting free drinks, free dinners and free movies (you get the point).
This is simply because we are not men at the end of the day.

Although the advantages of being a woman may seem endless, the disadvantages are also almost at the same level as the advantages.

As a woman you have to keep up appearances.

This means you have to be on point all the time from the outfit to the nails and hair. Getting this sorted out takes a lot of time and energy.Thats why even though we have vast hairstyle choices we still have bad hair days.

A woman’s hair is her glory, hence the daily struggle to maintain it and keep it neat though sometimes bad hair days are just inevitable.

The struggle to look good and be lady like puts too much pressure on women, especially in today’s modern world.

Makeup, if used properly, can enhance looks and do wonders. There are many different reasons why women choose to wear makeup. One of the top reasons is to enhance their natural beauty and become more physically alluring. Some women wear make up for the fun of it, because it gives them an opportunity to look different for a change. Others do it because it gives them confidence. Usually the first thing a person notices is the face.

If the face has been enhanced with skilfully applied make up, there is nothing that gives reason for that woman to lack that extra confidence.

However, if not done properly, makeup can be a woman’s worst enemy and look rather distasteful. Instead of serving its purpose, it now becomes violated in every possible way.
To some degree, this explains why most men if not all, dislike make up. It takes away that opportunity that enables them to appreciate the trick behind wearing makeup.

But it still remains, appreciation or no appreciation from the male species makeup still remains one of those things a woman has to do. Just that it might be long before or forever before all women find their way around using makeup properly.

You can never be a woman and not worry about your weight. While one batch worries that they are fat, the other worries that they are thin. This is just the way nature seems to have been set up. It takes almost an entire lifetime for women to come to terms with their shapes and sizes. There seems to be an unwritten rule that every woman should go through this stage of confusion.

If it’s not the hips, it’s the love handles or breasts or that. There is just something about women that makes them self conscious about their weight even when it does not seem to matter. But then this all happens because you are simply a woman. It’s something men will never get to understand.
Then there is that time of the month that no matter how hard you try to cope with you can never get used to. It’s quite a very unpleasant time if I may say.

From the terrible mood swings to swelling breasts, feeling bloated and clothes that don’t fit around this time simply because you seem to have gained some weight out of the blue.

At list there are three things you can get away with around this time. The first being you can scare male bosses with mysterious gynaecological disorder excuses that can guarantee a day or two of leave from work. On the one hand, this is one of those times when chocolate can really solve problems and you get to indulge without feeling guilty.

Thirdly, this time gives women an excuse to be a b**ch at least once a month.

After all is said and done, we still have that power that surprises men. The strength of being a woman manages to bring that smile on the face. We can still go back and wear shorts, skirts, dresses and other cute things then top it up with lip-gloss to flash that smile because after all it’s what being a woman entails.

However, a woman only has one major fault: she forgets about her merit.


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