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Lady Khama Run 21 slated March 6

During her lifetime, Lady Ruth Khama was known for her humility and dedication to improving the lives of the vulnerable and the underprivileged.

She therefore founded and supported numerous causes and NGO’s that aimed to assist disadvantaged children. In her honor, the Lady Khama Charitable Trust was established in 2002 with the objective of continuing the charitable work that she dedicated most of her life to. It does so by supporting and initiating charitable projects throughout the country. The Trust was founded by President Ian Khama who remains its patron to date.

The first event in the Trust’s annual calendar is the highly anticipated Lady Khama Run 21 which is scheduled for March 6. The marathon will be divided into three categories; 21 km, 10km and 5km. 

The charitable run last year benefitted organizations like Bana ba Metsi in Gumare, Botswana Red Cross, and Childline to mention a few. Organizers are still determining which organizations will benefit in the year 2016 and a decision will be made at the Trust’s board meeting of March 11.

Trust Coordinator Rebecca Binns said in an interview that since its inception the trust has assisted 40 organizations and disbursed just over P11m. Binns said it is important to note that the event is unlike any other marathon in that it moves away from the norm and brings a different, exciting experience to supporters. 

“This will be a trail run, meaning it will be on and off road along various main roads and green ways in central Gaborone. The start and finish lines will once again be hosted by Fairgrounds Holdings,” said Binns.

She extended her gratitude to the tireless efforts of those who support the cause year after year, saying the main guests at the marathon are the runners, volunteers, and sponsors.

“It’s worth acknowledging that without their continued support and dedication to our fundraising activities, the marathon in particular we would have never been able to raise the funds that we do and support the charities we identify each year,” said Binns.  

She said this year’s run will also feature a Wellness Arena, which aims to attract health clubs and health focused service providers to showcase their products for the benefit of participants.

“There are many other forms of exercise out there and the Wellness Arena seeks to highlight this. People can expect the likes of Jack’s Gym, Physique Transformations, Timo Boot Camp and Jitas Gaborone Yoga,” she said. 

Binns said apart from the fitness clubs the Wellness Arena will also host some blood screening services as well as Camelot Spa and Breast Cancer Association who carry out some breast cancer checks on the day. 

“There will also be some food and coffee stalls for those who will be interested in buying a snack after the marathon,” she continued.

Apart from the marathon, Lady Khama Charitable Trust also annually hosts Lady Khama Diamond Derby horse race, Lady Khama Family Fun Day and Lady Khama Charitable Cup Golf Day which will be held later in the year. 

“Registration for the marathon closes at midnight on February 21st,” said Binns. She said they hope that this year as it has been the case the previous years, people will register in large numbers for this worthy cause and thoroughly enjoy themselves while they keep fit, get fitness and wellness advice and socialize.


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