Sunday, May 28, 2023

Lax security could encourage police suspects to steal files

Low security at some police stations is questionable as seen by cases in which some suspects have managed to go away with files after being interrogated by the police in the charge office.

Ramotswa Police station Commander Superintendent, Sarah Gabathuse, says they are still investigating an incident in which a suspect from the South East District Council stole documents unrelated to his case in the charge office.

However, Gabathuse dismissed concerns of lax security and negligence of duty by police and said investigations on the matter are still ongoing.

“We are still investigating and there is no way I can reveal what stage we are part as this may compromise our investigations,” Gabathuse said.

She said the suspect is linked to a drunken-driving incident which is being probed by police.

A source close to this publication said the suspect, who works as a supplies officer for the South East District Council, together with his friend were this weekend charged with drunken driving.

But when they left the charge office they managed to swiftly steal some documents which were later discovered in his house and was arrested and detained for two days.

The media has in the past reported on some alleged negligence by the police in handling some documents with some evidence coming up like in the controversial case involving Judge Onkemetse Tshosa in which it was revealed during trial at Broadhurst Magistrate Court that some witness statement were missing, like Cell registry and outpatient card which were in the hands of the Police and were related to the drunken driving case similar to the one Ramotswa Police are investigating.

Botswana Police Service mouth piece -Assistance Commissioner, Christopher Mbulawa defended his officers but says he doesn’t want to preempt the investigations.

Mbulawa says police documents are secure in most of the stations but however admitted that mistake can happen as human beings from time to time can find a way to explore and look for a weakest link and take advantage of it.

“Basically what I’m saying is that things can happen regrettably but what I can assure the nation is that our police stations across the country are 100% secure in terms of security,” said Mbulaw.a


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