Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ledumang headmaster, senior teacher suspended with immediate effect

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development has, with immediate effect, suspended the school headmaster and a senior teacher of Ledumang Senior Secondary School.

The pair is at the centre of investigations currently going on at the instance of the ministry.

The headmaster and a biology teacher have been ordered to leave the school premises as they are under investigations.

It is reported that Ledumang Senior Secondary School is among schools that have been under surveillance by the ministry on account of maladministration allegations that range from office abuse to teacher/student love affairs.

Reports from Ledumang Secondary indicate that last week Thursday some senior ministerial officers pounced on the school and ordered the school head, together with his senior teacher, to leave with immediate effect.

“It is true that the headmaster of Ledumang and his senior teacher have been suspended with immediate effect, pending investigations,” Oarabile Phefo, Ministry of Education spokesperson, told The Telegraph on Monday.

He said although he is not in a position to state the circumstances surrounding their suspension as yet, the ministry is busy conducting investigations of maladministration in which the two are apparently implicated.

“I am not sure when the investigations will be completed,” he said.

Phefo added that the investigation team will determine whether the case can be treated as a criminal or disciplinary one but if it is criminal then the matter will be referred to the police.

Phefo revealed that the ministry has ordered that there should be a nationwide audit due to maladministration reports that seem to be rampant among schools.

“This audit was prompted by numerous reports from the public,” he said, adding that issues of ill practices in schools cannot be tolerated by the minister, pointing out that those who happen to be implicated in such acts will be dealt with, including by way of dismissal.

However, when contacted for comment, the chairman of the Parents Teachers Association of Ledumang, Modukanele Modukanele, said: “The PTA is not aware of any suspension or investigations going on at the school because we have not received any information to that regard.”

“The headmaster came to me and informed me that he had been suspended due to the investigations that are on-going at the school. He did not state exactly what the investigations were all about,” he said.


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