Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Living the Capello experience

I always knew the name Capello was some sexy exotic South American word but never imagined that it is an Italian word that literally translates to Hat.

Located at the heart of the new and booming CBD, Capello is like a second home to many Gaborone young adults. Sunday Standard paid it a visit to find out just why this cozy restaurant is constantly packed.

It was a warm Thursday evening, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying sundowners by the terrace as the bubbly host of Capello Restaurant Boikanyo, “BK” Motshidisi walked us through the whole Capello experience.

“Our customers come here for the experience,” explained BK who indicated that it was one way of keeping their clients on their toes through various weekly themed nights they have on Fridays. They also have a DJ playing mellow sounds. Their proximity does not allow them to go crazy since they are surrounded by other eateries which also play music.
They use social media to make their clients aware of the events they host at their establishment.

When discussing the food, BK explained that they are an Italian franchise founded in South Africa so their cuisine is primarily Italian cuisine and they take special pride in their pastas and pizzas.

Since Batswana are meat lovers, BK also added that they have their fair share of meaty dishes which they buy strictly from local producers.

To kick off the evening as per usual we started with their homemade cocktails. Very sweet, fruity, colourful and potent. Forget the Long Island. This night I had my way with an interestingly tasty yet intoxicating Long Apple. It is not for the faint hearted. Then there was the blue pink and yellow Pangalatic.

And then came the meal. At the recommendation of BK we were treated to the Obama Pizza. They also have the Mandela, Mussolini, Napoleon and Alexandra Pizzas. The Obama has a fluffy but wafer thin base with chicken, bacon, pepper, onion and creamy cheese toppings. There was the tasty Chicken Cajun Salad which is a basic green salad with chicken strips and feta cheese.

The belle of the ball had to have been their tangy chicken wings. Their food was not too spicy but rather rich in their natural taste and extremely low in fat.

Instead of the conventional deserts, we finished off the meal with more cocktails: the Capello Colada, Jackpot, and Sex on the beach and The High Rollers Martini.

A perfect way to end a long hard day and unwind is through the Capello experience of course. They have their rules and do not allow caps, shorts and flip flops to keep it upmarket and to keep the riff raff out.


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