Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lotlaamoreng barely retains Ntlo ya Dikgosi vice-chairmanship

Barolong paramount chief, Lotlaamoreng II, once again narrowly retained the vice-chairpersonship in Ntlo ya Dikgosi, defeating his main rival by a single vote.

For the first time, Boteti representative, Kgosi Oreagetse Machilidza, took the plunge to challenge Lotlaamoreng and clinched 16 votes against Lotlaamoreng’s 17.

“I am thankful for the votes. It shows the House still has confidence in me,” said Lotlaamoreng after the narrow win.

For the second consecutive time at the hands of the minnows, Lotlaamoreng miraculously retained the seat.

The previous encounter pitted him against the Ngami region representative, Kgosi Ebineng Potsoeng, who was beaten by Lotlaamoreng by only two votes.

Although he lost the contest, Machilidza was humbled by the trust the House showed him. He said the votes he received paint a good picture of his future in the House.

Despite persistent calls by his peers in the House to contest for the post, youthful North East representative, Maruje Thabo Masunga, declined.

“I did not want to contest because the post involves too much pressure, which could backfire in the future should you hurry over the invitation and fail at the end,” said Masunga during a break, following his nomination to contest by Kgosi Mosadi Seboko.

Masunga said that “people expect much from their nominees and it would be a disgrace should you fail, simply because you placed personal interest over the nation’s interest”.

“I have seen my peers fight over positions to stroke their egos and personal interests and I do not want to be seen in that light. Moreover, I am still learning the ropes of this House,” he concluded.
As widely expected, Kgosi Puso Gaborone unanimously retained his chairmanship seat, winning the post unopposed.

“I am thankful of my nomination as is my colleague, Lotlaamoreng, whom you have just elected. Last year was very challenging and we hope this year will be far much better should we work together harmoniously with mutual cooperation and trust,” said Gaborone calling on the political leadership to take Ntlo ya Dikgosi seriously.

“We do not want a repeat of the situation when ministers shunned this House by not attending sessions,” he said, possibly in reference to the previous session when most of the cabinet ministers would not attend the House but advanced excuses for their absence.


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