Monday, June 14, 2021

Man demands P1.5 million from land grabbing land board

A man is claiming compensation from Mogoditshane Sub Land Board for encroachment of tribal land rights.

Paul Rabuti has enlisted the services of Bayford & Associates who served the land board with a statutory notice demanding P1.5 million last week.

He says the action of the land board’s land grabbing is an┬áunlawful deprivation of property without consultation, consent or compensation.

Rabuti says his late father bequeathed a ploughing field for him at Nkoyaphiri. He took steps to change ownership of the property into his name. The chief at Gabane confirmed the inheritance in a letter written to the land board.

The land board acknowledged receipt of Rabuti’s application for change of ownership through a letter dated 10 April 2007.

In February this year, the land board invited him for a meeting to consider his request for field inheritance. He attended a site meeting with land board technical officers for purposes of taking measurements of the ploughing field.   According to Rabuti, measurements and a sketch plan were drawn for purposes of producing a certificate of tribal land rights. He was subsequently told by land board officials that he would be advised about the date for the collection of the certificate.

While waiting for the certificate, Rabuti says he was dismayed to discover that a substantial portion of Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School was being constructed on his ploughing field.  He immediately contacted the land board and was advised the board will invite him for a meeting. That did not happen.

“To date, the land board has never proffered client [Rabuti] with any explanation why his property was encroached upon or taken away from him without consultation or explanation. In addition, a tarred road was constructed across the field without client’s knowledge or consent despite repeated protestations and demands,” reads part of the letter of demand by Bayford & Associates. Rabuti says two people were recently allocated plots within his ploughing field. One of the concerned has already constructed a house within Rabuti’s property. It was only on 19 August this year that the land board invited him for a meeting to inform him that his field has been affected by the proposed Mogoditshane Block 6 layout plan.

The spokesman for Kweneng Land Board, Simon Paledi, could not be reached by the time of going to press.


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